PUCALLPA – Gateway to the Amazon

Although the alto plano, the ‘sierra’, was definitely the nicest part, and since in Lima and Paracas I’ve had the ‘costa’, at the end I wanted to experience a little bit of the ‘selva’, the jungle, too.
On the banks of river Ucayali in Pucallpa, Peru

On the banks of river Ucayali.

I decided to visit Pucallpa, the gateway to the Amazon.

I arrived at Pucallpa after the rain, which gave the run down place an additional B-film-feel to it. There is a peculiar vibe in this place, let me tell you.


Everything in Pucallpa has a bizarre feel to it – even the beer is sort of eccentric.

The most popular thing to do is getting navigated across the lagoon Yarinacocha and the adjacent bayous. You see birds and sloths and you fish piranhas and you have a nice day out in the wilderness. You can book this trip with an agency, or you go by one of the funny bike cabs to the lagoon and negotiate a deal with one of the fishermen/guides hanging around.


Sunset over Laguna Yarinacocha.
My first piranha! The boatman is much less excited than I am.

Another good trip is along the mountain ridge Padre Abad towards Tinga Maria. You are travelling through a breathtaking landscape, making stops at Peru’s longest suspension bridge in the Amazon region and at the powerful waterfalls “La Ducha del Diablo” (devil’s shower) and “El Velo de la Novia” (the bride’s veil) where you can bath in the ice-cold water and eat lunch (really good – like mentioned in the chapter about Ollantaytambo).


Look – the velo de la novia actually does look like a veil, doesn’t it?!

The funniest part was the visit to this distiller in the bush who is making his own wine and liquor from pineapple and coca leaves. And his appearance and attitude are just like you figure it.
This trip was organized by the above-mentioned agency.


Banana Republic – view from the Puente Aguaytía.


selva de ucuyali
The sumptuous landscape along the road to the waterfalls.
coca liquor
Tourist’s destiny: shopping of locally produced goods. This was the most interesting so far – booze distilled from coca leaves.

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