Guide to PUNO and a visit to lake TITICACA

Going from Arequipa to Puno is fast and easy, and even here you risk to pay more when you pre-book. 

Puno itself is not that great, there is the cathedral and you can climb up to the Mirador El Condor. But mind you, this will be one of the highest points of your Peru-trip, and you mind feel it. They even had oxygen bottles at my hotel just in case. 

I suffered a big deal from the altitude, stumbled around like a zombie and was hardly able to eat something. The recommended coca tea did not help, the drugs I’d bought – some tablets they sell you from an open pack, something totally unthinkable in Europe – did a good job; but they dried out my nostril, so that after a while I got a nose bleed. One pays a high price for all this awe.

lago titicaca
Traditional boat on Lake Titicaca.

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