Best Street Art in COPENHAGEN: The Open Air Gable Gallery in Nordvest

Copenhagen is an amazing mix: There are waters and greeneries, romantic castles and quirky neighborhoods, the world’s oldest amusement park and exciting contemporary art, luxurious restaurants and communal eateries. Obviously, there is also urban art, and some of the best street art in Copenhagen can be found in the city’s least touristy, residential area of Nordvest.

Mural in Copenhagen.
A warm welcome to Copenhagen’s Nordvest.

In this post, I’m guiding you to the murals that were created on the walls alongside Møntmestervej and Rentemestervej. So tie your trainers, polish your camera’s lens, and just follow me.

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Best Things to Do on a Long Weekend in COPENHAGEN

Copenhagen has many sides that can be explored even in a short city break. There are romantic castles and quirky neighborhoods, the world’s oldest amusement park, and exciting contemporary art. In this post, I’m showing you how to experience some truly unique things on a long weekend in Copenhagen. The city is known for its cool Scandinavian design and the hottest trends in the gastro scene – including a couple of Michelin star-decorated restaurants. In contrast, there are original vintage shops and fun communal eateries where you can rub shoulders with locals without breaking the bank.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen
Nyhavn is Copenhagen’s most picturesque but also its most touristy part. In this post, I’ll also take you to some more hidden and serene quarters.
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