BONAIRE Totally Unexpected: Street Food And Urban Art Tour

Basically, all visitors are coming to Bonaire for the waters, for swimming and diving, and for snorkeling. And you cannot blame them, the smallest of the ABC islands is surrounded by some of the world’s best reefs. Getting into the water, you’re basically entering a borderless aquarium.
But come on, you water maniacs lovers, you don’t want to miss out on the best Bonaire has to offer ashore, do you? So quick, dry yourself off, put on some shorts and flip-flops, and let’s explore what Bonaire has in store when it comes to street food and urban art.
I promise you won’t regret it!

House in Bonaire. Bonaire Street Food Urban Art
That’s Bonaire: Flamingos everywhere.
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ARUBA: The Powerful Murals of San Nicolas

While Aruba is famous for its beaches, far too few people venture to the hidden gem San Nicolas in the south of the island where you get to see some of the most powerful murals.

Street Art by ChemiS in San Nicolas in Aruba
He’s looking at you, kid.

In this post, I’m introducing some of San Nicolas’ most impressive pieces that you can explore self-guided or on an organized tour.

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What Not to Miss in ARUBA, the Caribbean A-Lister

Aruba was actually one of the first islands in the Caribbean that opened its hearts’n’harbors to international visitors by installing well-working touristy infrastructures. Today, Aruba is an absolute A-Lister when it comes to a dream vacation in the West Indies.
However, while most visitors are coming for the dreamy sand beaches, it would be a big mistake to miss out on the natural wonders Aruba is hiding in its hinterland.
In this post, I have you covered by telling you about all the wonderful spots you should not miss when visiting this self-proclaimed happy island.

Eagle Beach - one of Aruba's most famous beaches.
Eagle Beach – one of Aruba’s most famous beaches. However, the bird in the pictures is not an eagle but a seagle seagull.
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CURACAO – The Caribbean Island That Has It All

Curacao is an island in the Caribbean that simply has it all: Idyllic coves and secluded beaches, a fascinating history, great contemporary art, amazing food, and a capital city that UNESCO put on the list of World Heritage.

Old Dutch houses in Curacao, The Caribbean Island That Has It All
Old Dutch houses and lots and lots of water – those two icons of the beautiful island of Curaçao.

But Curaçao has also some well-hidden gems that I’m introducing in this guide – and I promise that you will love all of them!

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The Best Beaches in Curacao You Can Easily Visit by Public Bus

Curaçao is the largest and definitely most varied one of the ABC islands. Not only does it have a vibrant capital city that made it onto UNESCO’s list of world heritage. The island boasts powerful street art, fascinating history, amazing food, and world-famous liqueur. Yet, one of the main reasons tourists flock to the island, especially during the wintertime, are Curaçao’s idyllic coves and secluded beaches.
Contrary to all assumptions, many of the most beautiful beaches lining the island of Curacao can be conveniently and very inexpensively reached by public bus.

Curacao's northernmost paradise Playa Kalkí.
Curacao’s northernmost paradise Playa Kalkí.
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Murals in CURACAO: The Best Street Art Projects in Willemstad

The island of Curacao is incredibly varied: There are idyllic coves and secluded beaches, a fascinating history, amazing food, and a capital city that UNESCO put on the list of World Heritage. And there is this impressively large community of artists adding to the island’s natural beauty with their ingenious and colorful creations. In this post, I’m introducing the best in street art Curacao has to offer.

Child by Garrick Marchena. Best Street Art in Curacao.
Portrait by Garrick Marchena in the vicinity of Willemstad’s Mambo Beach.
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Carnival 2024: Floats’N’Festivities on ARUBA, BONAIRE, and CURACAO

Don’t let that winter blues bring you down: Better enjoy floats’n’festivities during carnival season 2024 in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao! In this post, I’m telling you a bit about the history, I give you tips on where to see the best events and what to bring so you can enjoy the parades to the fullest.

Carnival 2024 on ARUBA, BONAIRE, and CURACAO
Pretty in Pink.
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Culture Villages in Korea: Real People, Real Art

In this post, I’m taking you to some of the most prominent Culture Villages in Korea which over the past years have become trendy art districts and hip Instagram backdrops. But despite all the enthusiasm for the wonderful art projects, we shouldn’t forget to also take a look behind the colorful layers of paint, because in Korea’s Daldongnae, behind real art live real people.

Culture Villages in Korea: Real People, Real Art
Painting the village in Jeonju.
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An Easy Day Trip to the Hahoe Folk Village from Andong

An easy day trip from Andong brings you to the Hahoe Folk Village where Korea’s traditional rural life remains unspoilt. Hahoe is a cute little village full of adorable crooked houses. You wouldn’t be surprised if you met Hansel, Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, and all the other fairy tale characters in the narrow alleys.
And, of course, a Queen.
In 2019, the time had actually come and none less than Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to the picturesque village in the south-eastern part of Korea. I assume Elizabeth travelled in a pumpkin carriage, befitting her status. Not being a queen, I took the bus to Hahoe on my day trip from Andong – and what can I say, it was a cheap and comfortable ride, and most importantly, the coach didn’t smell like pumpkin.

Hahoe Folk Village visited on an easy day trip from Andong.
Village people at Hahoe.
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How to Experience the Folk Heritage of Korea in ANDONG

Located almost 100 kilometers north of the former imperial city of Gyeongju, Andong seems to stand in the shadow of its smaller yet more glorious sister. Far too few international visitors foresee a stop in Andong on their trip to Korea.
Not me.
The only thing I regret regarding my visit to Andong is that I couldn’t stay for a few days longer since the city has an unexpected amount of tradition, culture, and absolutely authentic vibes to offer. Hence, it’s time to experience Andong where the folk heritage of Korea has been living on for generations.

People crossing the Woryeonggyo Bridge in Andong.
Strolling across Andong’s Woryeonggyo Bridge is a favorite pastime of locals and visitors alike.
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