SINGAPORE – first-timers guide to a powerful city-state

Since Singapore – undisputably one of my favorites cities in the world – can be a bit overwhelming for first-timers, I’ve put together a guide that will help you to enjoy this powerful city-state right from the beginning.

Singapore icons, introduced in bye:myself's first-timers guide to the city-state
Only two of many iconic landmarks in the city-state of Singapore.
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Travelling by Bus Around the World or Ride with the Devil

I always thought if I had the chance to choose on judgment day, I might rather go to hell than to heaven. I’m suffering from acrophobia so a place as high as heaven might scare me to…well, at least it cannot scare me to death anymore. Then, I’m afraid that way up high over the clouds it will be always a little nippy. And I like it hot.

Renata Green on the bus from Delphi to Kalambaka in Greece
I’m definitely a solo-traveller – taking the whole alone travel to an even higher level.

But after recent events, I’m not so sure anymore. After I was riding with the devil, I’m afraid I’m not fit for the highway to hell.

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24 hours in SINGAPORE

24 hours in Singapore – this series consists of itineraries for a layover or another kind of short stay. No matter under which circumstances you travel, you’ll be always ready since there is a program for a sunny and an alternative for a rainy day.

The Merlion, the most important landmark in the powerful city-state of Singapore
Iconic view of Singapore: The Merlion and the Marina Sands Bay in the backdrop. But this is not the half of it!

Hence, with this post, you’ll know exactly how to spend a short city break or layover at Asia’s glittering mega-city.

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