LJUBLJANA Mon Amour: What Not to Miss During Two Days in Slovenia’s Beloved Capital

Ljubljana mon amour: In fact, already the city’s name sounds like a tender song and derives from the word ljubljena which translates to beloved. Various charming bridges are crossing the picturesque river Ljubljanica. With an amazing number of captivating buildings from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Deco, onion-domed churches, and an imposing fortress high above the city, Ljubljana absolutely lives up to her lovely name.
And since Ljubljana is small but definitely mighty, you can explore the city’s most iconic spots and landmarks easily in just two days.

The Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Like in every decent fairy tale, you have to make it past the dragon to get to the beautiful princess. Ljubljana is no exception.

Although the city is no secret anymore and can actually get quite busy in the high season, Ljubljana has kept its sleeping beauty charm and is a sparkling gem.

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