FRANKFURT – city of stark contrasts

For decades Frankfurt had a very bad reputation – especially in the rest of Germany: ill famed for sex and crime in contrast to cold, charmless facades of skyscrapers housing scrupulous banks overtowering a sinister sex and crime scene at the adjacent Bahnhofsviertel, the neighborhood around the main station.

Frankfurt Skyline - bye:myself
This is Frankfurt….
(ⓒ #visitfrankfurt, Photo: Holger Ullmann)
Römerberg - bye:myself
….and this is Frankfurt, too.
(ⓒ #visitfrankfurt, Photo: Holger Ullmann)

Therefore the first and for you travellers most important contrast I’d like to point out is the one between Frankfurt’s bad reputation and the reality.

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24 hours in FRANKFURT

Frankfurt is Germany’s busiest international airport. This might give travellers the opportunity to explore the city on a layover. Therefore, I’ve put together a perfect itinerary for up to 24 hours in Frankfurt.

Skyline of Frankfurt, seen during 24 hours in Frankfurt
This might give you an idea of why Germany’s finance metropolis Frankfurt on Main is also called “Mainhattan”.

This special category on my blog is designated to transform a layover into a short extra-vacation.

Frankfurt has 730,000 inhabitants and is Germany’s fifth-largest city. The financial center is located in the federal country of Hesse, and its Airport is Germany’s aviation hub. Many parks and the long promenades along the river Main as well as a large number of fantastic museums and galleries make it a pleasant destination to be explored on a day trip or for a couple of hours during a layover.

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