VIENNA – visited by streetcar

To visit Austria’s capital, for the most part, you don’t need to join an expensive city tour. In fact, almost all of magnificent Vienna can be visited by streetcar.

View from the Museum Leopold in Vienna
Isn’t that a beautiful picture?
God and some very talented architects made it: It’s the view from a window at the Museum Leopold at the Museum’s Quarter.

So hop on, let’s explore a city full of history, stories, and myths.

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24 hours in VIENNA

(Updated April 2020)

On my last flight to Vienna, I was surprised how many passengers were on their way to farther destinations. Obviously, for them, Austria’s capital was only a layover.

Visiting the Albertina Gallery during 24 hours in Vienna
Majestic Vienna: At the Imperial Apartments of the “Albertina”

Therefore, after having already published an extended article on my stay, I put together my best tips in this “24 hours in…”-post.

Generally, it’s meant as an itinerary for just a layover or a short stop on a road-trip through Europe. Austria has eight(!) neighboring countries*, after all!

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