SPAIN – A Complete Travel Guide

In this complete travel guide to Spain, I’m supplying you with all the basic information as well as some tips and hacks that will make your travel to the eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula smoother and therefore even more enjoyable.

Flamenco Dancer in Granada - introduced in a Complete Travel Guide to Spain
Pride and passion: A beautiful flamenco dancer in Granada.
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Guide to CORDOBA – the Moorish Center of Andalusia

As my circular road trip to the most beautiful places in Andalusia slowly came to an end, I finally arrived at the marvelous city of Cordoba – so yalla yalla, let me guide you through what was once Andalusia’s Moorish Center.

Renata Green at the gardens of the Reyes Catolicos in Cordoba
Queen of the castle: Checking out some unusual real estate at the gardens of the Reyes Católicos.

Well, could it be that unintentionally, I had saved the best for last?

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