Day Trip to the Albufera Nature Reserve Outside Valencia

A bus ride to the Albufera Nature Reserve, located just one hour outside of Valencia, is probably the cheapest and easiest day trip you can take. And you should – since the region is absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

Man cycling at the Albufera de Valencia
Cycling is the best way to experience the magic of the Albufera.
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COMO – a Lake to Like

I love Italy: The gelato, the papagalli, the dolce far niente. Somehow my head got tangled in these clichés like a fork in a heap of spaghetti.

Sail and motorboats quay at Colico, the Northernmost village at Lago di Como - a lake to like
Sail and motorboats quay at Colico, the Northernmost village on Lake Como’s shores.

Funny thing is: On my frequent trips to Bella Italia, I actually find these clichés reflected in the reality around me.

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LOS ANTIGUOS – borderline serenity

Argentina is Latin America’s second-largest country and shares with Chile one of the world’s longest international borders – and at Los Antiguos, you can cross this borderline walking. From North to South, those two countries snuggle on about 5,300 kilometers!

Lago Buenos Aires at sunset
The sun is tenderly setting over Lago Buenos Aires.

Unless you are flying, these dimensions can make travelling a bit challenging. Routes can be very long, trips of about 15 hours are not unusual.

An invitation to include some stops – for instance in the border-town of Los Antiguos.

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BARILOCHE – a Swiss Vacation on the Opposite Side of the Globe

Dramatically jagged mountains, covered by a picturesque layer of eternal snow overtowering fir-covered hills – Bariloche is a Swiss Vacation, however, on the Opposite Side of the Globe.
Trouts jumping in ice-cold turquoise waters of glacier lakes, rivers, and creeks.

Renata Green standing on the shore of Lago Puelo close to El Bolson on a day trip from Bariloche - enjoying a Swiss Vacation
Embracing Beauty!

Still not Swiss enough?
Well, the town of San Carlos de Bariloche cranks it up a notch by manufacturing some of the world’s best artisan chocolate and making you pose with a Saint Bernard dog – including the small barrel of rum around the neck; his neck, not yours.

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KAWAGUCHIKO – Taking a Shot at Mount Fuji

I’ve heard that there are people travelling periodically to the Lakeland of Kawaguchiko west of Tokyo just to take a good shot of Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji seen from Kawaguchiko
This is the picture I intended to shoot.

This majestic, perfectly shaped volcano – that erupted lastly in 1707 – seems to be hiding behind clouds most of the time. Therefore, it can be a challenge – or a hobby – hunting the best view. Or at least a glimpse.

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Guide to POLONNARUWA, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa was the second capital of Sri Lanka after the destruction of the ancient city of Anuradhapura in 993. Sidenote: I’d like to say that due to their length, these Sri Lankan names are very Social Media-unfriendly.

Statue of King Parakramabahu I in Polonnaruwa
Welcome to the Kingdom of  King Parakramabahu I

Apart from the Brahmanic monuments built by the Cholas, Polonnaruwa consists of the monumental ruins of the garden-city created by Parakramabahu I in the 12th century.

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Guide to KANDY and a Temple Hike from Embekke to Pilimathalawa

During a visit to Kandy – geographically and metaphorically Sri Lanka’s navel – I’d like to guide you to the small town of Embekke from where you can take an idyllic temple hike to Pilimathalawa.

Sri Dalada Maligawa, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy before a Temple Hike from Embekke
Sri Dalada Maligawa, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

After having spent four days in Kandy, I ask myself: Why?

Honestly, I didn’t really get it. And after some additional online research, I’m definitely convinced that it is almost hysterically overrated.

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Guide to PLITVICE LAKES: Waters in Dreamlike Colors

Come on, follow my guide through the National Park of Plitvice and awe at lakes and pools in dreamlike colors.

Plitvice National Park Plitvice Lakes Croatia
If paradise is half as nice….as Plitvice National Park, we definitely have something to look forward to.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places in my times – oceans, mountains, jungles, and also lakes. However, the Plitvice National Park is one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve ever laid eyes on.

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