Cartagena is Colombia’s most touristy destination. No wonder, they have a Caribbean beach and a walled old town that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nevertheless, I found spending two days in Cartagena enough.

Woman walking in Cartagena, Colombia
Although no Colombian woman is wearing this when there are no tourists around, this lady makes this picture….picturesque.
(Photo: ShonEjai from Pixabay)

However, the old city is very alluring and there are lots of touristy infrastructures.

Exactly the reason to dislike it.

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CUBA – the Complete Guide from Coast to Coast

If you want to see more of Cuba than just the iconic bars in Havana and the endless beaches of Varadero, this is the perfect guide for you. On the whole, it takes you from the island’s westernmost tip all the way to the Guantanamo region in the very east.

Woman riding a bike in Cienfuegos in Cuba. Illustration of a Complete Guide from Coast to Coast.
Child of the Revolution.

I travelled across Cuba all by myself and on public transportation. Hence, let me tell you, exploring a socialist country like Cuba does differ quite a lot from travelling other regions.

Therefore, not only will my stories be interesting. Especially Cuba-novices will certainly appreciate my thoroughly researched information and suggestions.

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Guide to VINALES – Cuba ‘s Rural Paradise

Vinales, a couple of hours west of Havana, is Cuba ‘s rural paradise: Still dreamy, but not sleepy anymore. Since from Havana, most travellers pay also Viñales a visit.

Mogotes in the mist in Vinales, Cuba 's Rural Paradise
The early birds catch the worm view: To see the mogotes between the veils of mist, you have to get up early.

And most travellers are right to do so because it’s truly beautiful. Coffee and tobacco, mysterious caves, endless fields, and mist-covered mogotes. Vamonos, hop on your bike and let’s explore pastoral Vinales!

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Guide to CIENFUEGOS – the Fancy Side of Cuba

Let me guide you to Cienfuegos, Cuba ‘s very French city. There is good infrastructure, charming places, strong drinks, and cool waters. Basically the fancy side of Cuba.

Parque Jose Martí in Cienfuegos
Cienfuegos’ beautiful central square is called after Jose Martí, the great Cuban writer and philosopher. There he stands waving. The blue building behind him is the Museo Provincial and on the left, the building with the big cupola, is the Palacio de Gobierno, the Governmental Palace.

Also, it’s a great gateway for many day trips to the beautiful surroundings.

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Guide to SANTA CLARA – Reliving Cuba ‘s History

Santa Clara – a place where to this date you can relive the history of Cuba ‘s revolution.

Plaza de la Revolución in Santa Clara
José Delarra created also Che Guevara’s mausoleum that he’s sharing with some of his fellow fighters. It’s located at the other end of the indeed extensive Plaza de la Revolución.

With the historic Hotel Santa Clara Libre at the Parque Vidal, the Mausoleo Che Guevara, the revolutionary’s last resting place, and the Toma del Tren Blindado site, Santa Clara is still breathing revolution.

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PLAYA SANTA LUCIA – Cuba’s Secluded Tropical Paradise

Spending a couple of days on secluded Playa Santa Lucia peninsula and paradisiac beaches such as Coco Beach on Cuba’s northern coast is the perfect relaxing break between visits to all the interesting and vibrant cities on the island.

Playa Santa Lucia Cuba
Secluded and very, very nice: Playa del Coco.

Although to foreigners, the peninsula Plays Santa Lucia seems very much off the beaten tracks, you can get there by public bus in about two hours.

I bet you didn’t know that paradise was that close by.

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Grub First, Then Ethics – Brace Yourself for Cuba

Yes, Cuba is a wonderful place with days on endless beaches and nights at hot bars. Nevertheless, brace yourself for Cuba.

A lady and a little boy at the doorstep of a deteriorating building in Santiago de Cuba
Cuba’s life-threatening beauty.

Obviously, the difficult monetary situation and the unimaginable economic difference between locals and visitors might lead to misperceptions.
Grub first, then ethics – as a matter of fact, in Cuba, you are often reminded of this sober truth.

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