24 hours in BANGKOK

After another stopover in Bangkok on the way back from my travels through Cambodia, I’m now ready to share my best tips in this brand-new 24 hours in…-post.

As usual, it’s meant for just a layover or a very short break on a trip through Thailand.

Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand
The Chedis at Bangkok’s Royal Palace.

Of course, in 24 hours you’ll see just a fraction of all the attractions this bustling mega-city has to offer. So if you’re staying longer or want to try out more, check out the Bangkok-section in my Thailand-post.

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THAILAND – all the must-see places

In this travel guide to some mesmerizing must-see places, I’m proving that Thailand is extremely easy to travel. This makes this enthralling country the perfect destination even for hesitant first-time solo-travellers.

Wat Arun, one of Bangkok's most important temples and must-see places when travelling through Thailand.
Wat Arun, one of Bangkok’s most important temple complexes on the west bank of River Chao Phraya.
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From the Sunken Kingdom of AYUTTHAYA to the Monkey Temple of LOPBURI

Only 90 kilometers north of Thailand’s capital Bangkok is the sunken Kingdom Ayutthaya where you immerse in the country’s glorious past before visiting the Monkey Temple of Lopburi.

Buddha head embedded in a Banyan tree at Wat Mahathat in Ayutthaya
The Mona Lisa of Thailand: Probably no other sight in Ayutthaya is photographed as often as this stone Buddha head embedded in a Banyan tree at Wat Mahathat.
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KAMPHAENG PHET and PHITSANULOK – two (un)necessary detours

Kamphaeng Phet and Phitsanulok might not be the most exciting spots in Thailand, nevertheless, you’ll possibly have to take those detours.

Archeological Park at the center of Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand
At Kamphaeng Phet, you even don’t have to go to the archeological park – there are majestic ruins to be admired right in the center of the city!

Therefore, I’ve put together itineraries for short stays in these places. This way, you still can make the best of these deviations.

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SUKHOTHAI – 200 temples at your choice

Sukhothai took me by storm – with its incredible number of 200 glorious temples. As a matter of fact, the heritage of Siam’s former capital is just surreal.

The archeologic park of Old Sukhothai, Thailand
The archeologic park of Old Sukhothai is a place of magic and surreal beauty. Best discovered cycling since this way you don’t miss even the tiniest detail of the ancient grand art.

Since it would be a big mistake to limit your visits to the archeologic park in the city center, you should explore Sukhothai cycling. This way, you get to all the sites you like to see – obviously, there are quite a few.
Almost 200, to be precise.

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CHIANG MAI – Ten out of 200 Temples

Yes, there are about 200 Buddhist Wats in the glorious city of Chiang Mai – and for a start, I’ve handpicked the ten best temples for you!

Wat Mahawan, one out of 200 of Chiang Mai's glorious temples.
Wat Mahawan, one out of 200 of Chiang Mai’s glorious temples.

If I had the chance to visit only one place in Thailand, it would definitely be Chiang Mai.

For the number and variety of those breathtakingly beautiful houses of worship, for the lovely coffee shops, for the charming little stores, for the good massage places, for the fact that they offer language lessons, for the perfect mix of traditional and historical and modern and hip.

Did I make myself clear? I love this place!

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KRABI and AO NANG – the Gateway to Paradise

The city of Krabi and the Ao Nang beach town are good places to hang out, however, they are only the gateway to the true paradise of the Andaman Sea.

Iconic longtail boats on the shores of the Ao Nang in the Province of Krabi
Iconic longtail boats on the shores of the Andaman Sea.

So while I thought places like Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, and Chiang Mai were touristy, thus in an amene way, I didn’t know the half of it till I came to Ao Nang.

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Island Hopping in the Andaman Sea – Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Jum

Reportedly, there are about 1,430 islands in Thailand – hence, there is a lot to visit during your Island Hopping in the Andaman Sea.

longtail boats in the andaman sea
The most idyllic way of island hopping is done by the traditional longtail boats.

Still, not all of them inhabited, but sadly, many of them crowded.

Charmingly, some of the Thai islands come in clusters and are therefore easily accessible when island hopping.

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