I want more. Much more. Money? No way! I want more time! More time to live – 106 healthy years. But I first and foremost want longer days – at least 36 hours, better yet 48.

Wat Trauy Kooh in KAMPOT from where to go to THANSUR BOKOR and back
Wat Trauy Kooh on Fish Isle Kampot: Studying with a view

I came to Kampot today.

Kampot is very, very nice, actually the nicest place in Cambodia so far. Apart from the deserted beach on Koh Rong, but you cannot compare a secluded beach to the capital of a province.

While Kampot is nice, the guest house I’m staying at is the coziest I’ve been to in Cambodia by now. The room is quite small, but it’s so pleasant and with all these pretty, pretty details. I’d like to spend time here.
Quality time.
Reading. Writing. Cherishing.

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