7 Best And Most Beautiful Coffee Houses in Busan

In Korea, a rich coffee culture is a crucial part of the modern lifestyle. Not only do you find far too many Starbucks branches. No, there are countless cafés where you find peace’n’space to study, work, or just relax while enjoying a house specialty. In Busan, they even have a so-called Cafe Street! For you, I bit the bullet and immersed myself in the city’s vital café culture. This allows me to introduce you to the 7 best and most beautiful coffee houses in Busan.

Space And Mood, one of the Seven Best And Most Beautiful Coffee Houses in Busan
One of Busan’s literally hidden gems, the Café Space And Mood on the 13th floor.
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Best And Most Beautiful Bookstores in Seoul

If every country was like Korea, amazon, kindle, and co. wouldn’t stand a chance: The number of bookstores and public libraries is just incredible – almost like in ye olden days of literature. There are actually entire streets lined with good old-fashioned stores where you can smell the scent of freshly printed pages, hear the rustling of paper, see beautifully designed covers – in short: A feast for all your senses. The shop owners have tried to give their stores an individual touch and arrange and present the books like works of art. Cozy reading corners and integrated coffee shops invite you to browse on-site and make Seoul’s bookstores and libraries wonderful places to spend a rainy afternoon.
In this post, I’m introducing my personal favorites among the best and most beautiful bookstores in Seoul.

Renata Green at the Seoul Book Bogo, one of the best and most beautiful bookstores in Seoul.
Mesmerized by a tunnel of books.
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10 Most Beautiful Palaces in the Marais Neighborhood of Paris

The Marais is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Paris. Cool bars and crowded restaurants, hip stores, and expensive, stylish apartments – these are just a few things you can find in the Marais neighborhood today.
In the 17th century, the Marais became the preferred residential area for the nobility, who had numerous villas and city palaces built there. In the course of the French Revolution, however, the nobility was expelled from the Marais. They probably took their belongings with them, however, they had to leave their posh cribs behind.
In this post, I’m inviting you on a stroll that will take us to 10 of the most beautiful palaces in the Marais Neighborhood of Paris.

Hôtel de Sully, one of the 10 Most Beautiful Palaces in the Marais Neighborhood of Paris
The manicured courtyard of the Hôtel de Sully.
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50 Most Beautiful Palaces in Venice

On its barely 415 square kilometers, there are about 200 magnificent palaces at the Centro Storico of Venice. In this post, I’m navigating you to the 50 most beautiful ones.

Canale Grande in Venice lined with Palaces
The mighty Canale Grande is lined with nothing but mesmerizing palazzi.
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A Visit to the Colonia Güell – Where Eusebi Güell Created His Universe

One of the most impressive places I’ve seen during my recent visit to Barcelona was the Colonia Güell.

Gaudi Crypt at the Colonia Güell
The Colonia’s highlight: The unfinished Crypt by Antoni Gaudí.

The Colonia Güell is a former industrial settlement including a factory and residential buildings for the workers as well as a famous crypt by Antoni Gaudí. It is named after its proprietor, the magnate Eusebi Güell, obviously. The Colonia is part of the village of Santa Coloma de Cervelló about 23 kilometers west of Barcelona.

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Antoni Gaudi in BARCELONA: A Guide to Modernism

The significance of Antoni Gaudi for Barcelona is already reflected in the fact that out of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the city, he designed seven – so let me guide you to these gems of Modernism.

Gaudi's two most iconic works in together: The chimneys of the Casa Mila with the Sagrada Familia in the backdrop. Gaudi Barcelona Guide Modernism
Gaudi’s two most iconic works together in one picture: The chimneys of the Casa Milà with the Sagrada Família in the backdrop.
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