24 hours in BANGKOK

After another stopover in Bangkok on the way back from my travels through Cambodia, I’m now ready to share my best tips in this brand-new 24 hours in…-post.

As usual, it’s meant for just a layover or a very short break on a trip through Thailand.

Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand
The Chedis at Bangkok’s Royal Palace.

Of course, in 24 hours you’ll see just a fraction of all the attractions this bustling mega-city has to offer. So if you’re staying longer or want to try out more, check out the Bangkok-section in my Thailand-post.

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24 hours in AMSTERDAM

My category 24 hours in… is, obviously, designated to transform a stay like a layover into a short extra-vacation. You’ll see that my itineraries are so attractive and fun that you might postpone your connecting flight just to enjoy 24 hours in Amsterdam.

Boattrip on a Gracht during 24 hours in Amsterdam
Life takes place on the waters in Amsterdam – located about 40 centimeters below sea level.

And if you’re not on a layover at the capital of the Netherlands – well, you also can always come to visit on purpose. Preferably for longer than just 24 hours.

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24 hours in MIAMI

Obviously, I know it must sound totally out of line putting together an itinerary for only 24 hours for a city as big’n’busy as Miami.

Palmtree on South Beach Miami, a spot to be visited during 24 hours in Miami
Welcome to Miami – bienvenidos en Miami.

The fact is that Miami is a pivot point when it comes to travelling to Central and South America as well as the Caribbean Islands. Therefore, chances are that you have to spend a couple of hours or even one night her.

This is where my guide – for a sunny and for a rainy day – comes into the picture.

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24 hours in VIENNA

(Updated April 2020)

On my last flight to Vienna, I was surprised how many passengers were on their way to farther destinations. Obviously, for them, Austria’s capital was only a layover.

Visiting the Albertina Gallery during 24 hours in Vienna
Majestic Vienna: At the Imperial Apartments of the “Albertina”

Therefore, after having already published an extended article on my stay, I put together my best tips in this “24 hours in…”-post.

Generally, it’s meant as an itinerary for just a layover or a short stop on a road-trip through Europe. Austria has eight(!) neighboring countries*, after all!

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24 hours in MILAN

(Updated April 2020)

After another stopover in Milan on the occasion of my trip to Venice for the Biennale, I’m now ready to share my best bits of advice in this brand-new “24 hours in…”-post.

View of the Duomo from the Novecento Museum, both landmarks durinng 24 hours in Milan
Here you can kill two birds with one stone (actually that’s a quite disturbing idiom): Best view at the Duomo, Milan’s cathedral, from the Museo Novecento (the spiral on the ceiling is by Lucio Fontana, just so you know

As usual, while writing, I had a layover in mind or a short break on a road trip down South. If you’re staying longer and want to experience it some more, check out my recent post on an entire weekend in this Northern Italian city of art and fashion to get further inspiration and information.

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24 hours in DUSSELDORF

As a matter of fact, it was not really surprising that on my way to Japan, I had a stopover in Düsseldorf. After all, it’s Germany’s third-largest airport – after Frankfurt and Munich. Also, Düsseldorf has the largest Japanese community in all of Germany.

The Greek god Triton at the northern end of the city moat in Dusseldorf.
The Greek god Triton at the northern end of the city moat. The sculpture was made in 1902 by Friedrich Coubillier.

The international airport is located only about 9 kilometers respectively 6 miles from the city center, so that it can be easily reached by public transport.

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24 hours in ISTANBUL

Since Turkish Airlines often offers the best prices when going to South East Asia – and I heard that sometimes they might even be your best bet going to Latin America – a short stay anywhen soon might be quite probable.

Therefore, here comes another issue of my 24 hours in… series, designated to transform a short stay like a layover into an extra-vacation.

Touristy Center of Istanbul during 24 hours.
Like One Thousand and One Nights.

Of course this itinerary – one for a sunny and an alternative for a rainy day – is great not only for a layover. It comes handy for any kind of a brief stay – for instance when you’re on your way to a beach vacation on the Turkish coast.

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24 hours in MUNICH

Munich, capital of the federal state of Bavaria, stands, of course, for the famous beer and the Oktoberfest and is the epitome of Germany.

Marienplatz in Munich. A must see during 24 hours in Munich.
Mary overlooking the Marienplatz from her column. In the backdrop Munich’s most iconic symbol, the Frauenkirche, Church of Our Lady – it cannot get more Bavarian.
(Photo: Nicknicknick97, München Marienplatz , CC BY-SA 4.0

Since Munich also has Germany’s second-largest airport – after Frankfurt – chances are that you have a stopover here.

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24 hours in ZAGREB

(Updated April 2020)

You know like in all my “24 hours in….”-post I’ve written that there is so much more to see and one day is not enough? Well, when it comes to Zagreb, I don’t.

Since if you’re not there for a conference, convention, or exhibition, a day is enough to cover the attractions, do some shopping, and have a meal of Zagorski Štrukli, dough – baked or boiled, sweet or salty – or Ćevapi, a type of traditional kebab.

Street leading to St. Mark's church in Zagreb, landmark to be visited during 24 hours in Zagreb
Zagreb’s iconic St. Mark’s church

So in this case,  the post is an itinerary for a layover or a shortstop on a road-trip way south e. g. to the Adriatic coast – as well as a complete guide for a city break.

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24 hours in LISBON

(Last Update April 2020)

Yet here comes another issue of my 24 hours in…-itineraries. This time we are spending a day in Lisbon.

If you are on your way to one of Portugal’s fantastic beaches or on a road trip through Europe or flying for instance to Cape Verde, chances are that you have to fly TAP. Aaccording to my experience, it is a pretty flighty – no pun intended – airline. Hence you better be prepared for a stopover in Lisbon.

During 24 hours in Lisbon, you certainly won't miss out on the Praca do Comercio
View from the top of Arco da Rua Augusta on the Praça do Comércio.

Obviously, as almost any other city Lisbon has far more to offer than you can squeeze in 24 hours.

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