Best Street Art in VALENCIA

Valencia is basically an open-air gallery decorated with many amazing murals – you just need to walk around with your eyes open and your camera ready to spot the city’s best street art.

Street art by David de Limón in Valencia
David de Limón’s signature ninja is flirting with a Valencian beauty created by La Nena.

So, don’t be shy to walk down small back alleys, turn into backyards, and follow the slightest signs of urban art.

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Weekend in VALENCIA. Ten Reasons Not to Miss Out on a Visit

If you are thinking about spending – at least – a weekend in Valencia, this post gives you ten valid reasons why you definitely should carry out your plans as soon as you can.

Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences, one of ten reasons for a Weekend in Valencia
Valencia’s City of Arts and Science, which was constructed over the first decade of this millennium, offers some leisure activities for everyone: You can enjoy all those architectural wonders even while rowing a boat across the pools.
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Day Trip to the Albufera Nature Reserve Outside Valencia

A bus ride to the Albufera Nature Reserve, located just one hour outside of Valencia, is probably the cheapest and easiest day trip you can take. And you should – since the region is absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

Man cycling at the Albufera de Valencia
Cycling is the best way to experience the magic of the Albufera.
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