Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art – Istanbul ‘s best-hidden Gem

Hardly anyone I know has ever heard of the Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, so I really think it’s Istanbul ‘s best-hidden Gem.

Coming to this grand city on the Bosporus river, obviously, everybody is standing in line to see the antique masterpieces at Hagia Sophia and the Topkapı Palace. Or – if they venture away from Sultanahmet – the very ‘French’ Dolmabahçe.

Terrace of the Proje4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art - Istanbul's best-hidden Gem
Homage to Masters of Sculpture, against the backdrop of Istanbul’s financial center view,
Photo: Kayhan Kaygusuz

But hardly anyone comes to Istanbul to see the young, fresh, and daring Turkish contemporary art.

Big mistake!

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24 hours in ISTANBUL

(Updated April 2020)

Since Turkish Airlines often offers the best prices when going to South East Asia – and I heard that sometimes they might even be your best bet going to Latin America – a short stay anywhen soon might be quite probable.

Therefore, here comes another issue of my 24 hours in… series, designated to transform a short stay like a layover into an extra-vacation.

Touristy Center of Istanbul during 24 hours.
Like One Thousand and One Nights.

Of course this itinerary – one for a sunny and an alternative for a rainy day – is great not only for a layover. It comes handy for any kind of a brief stay – for instance when you’re on your way to a beach vacation on the Turkish coast.

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how i gained a free exhibition catalog

Why isn’t modern Turkish art more famous? The few times I spent in Turkey I saw outstanding, fresh and daring art – paintings, videos, and sculptures. Never heard of before.

“Visit the center of the world. You will find the secret stone there” by Caner Şengünalp. My favorite piece at the exhibition – probably because its centerpiece is a roof…

And I’m afraid that due to recent politics it’s not a prosperous time for contemporary Turkish artists to be introduced worldwide. While at least some people leave the beaten paths of Topkapı, Dolmabahçe & Co. to visit the Istanbul Modern, another treasure chest is still quite hidden: TheProje4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, founded by Can Elgiz in 2001.

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