How to Avoid Copyright Infringement: Unexpected Traps

As I am reading posts written by my fellow bloggers, I’m getting chills. There is so much copyright infringement – and as I’m afraid that the ‘offenders’ don’t breach the law on purpose, read this post on how to avoid it.

erased painting to avoid copyright infringement
This picture is mine – what’s on it, however, is not. If I had photographed the girl from the front, I would have had a different legal problem – based on GDPR.

After I’ve notified some of those bloggers time and again individually, I finally decided to put my tips into writing for everyone.

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most instagrammable – till death do us part

Oh, the chase for the best motifs for instagram – it simply deteriorates the art of photography to artistic death. Also, it makes the world a dangerous – and endangered – place.

mural of a guy taking an instagrammable picture with death
You’d be surprised on how many pictures death is present – even though not always visible.

I love good photography. That’s why I hate Instagram.

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