24 hours in MIAMI

Obviously, I know it must sound totally out of line to put together an itinerary for only 24 hours for a city as big’n’busy as Miami.

Palmtree on South Beach Miami, a spot to be visited during 24 hours in Miami
Welcome to Miami – bienvenidos en Miami.

The fact is that Miami is a pivot point when it comes to travelling to Central and South America as well as the Caribbean Islands. Therefore, chances are that you have to spend a couple of hours or even one night here.

This is where my guide – for a sunny and for a rainy day – comes into the picture.

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24 hours in LOS ANGELES

24 hours in Los Angeles is the fifth edition of the latest category on my blog which is overall designated to transform a – maybe forced – stay like a layover into a short extra vacation.

Los Angeles with the iconic Hollywood Sign that you have to see even if you have only 24 hours in the city.
Los Angeles with the iconic Hollywood Sign

Of course, these itineraries – one for a sunny and an alternative for a rainy day – are great not only for layovers but for any kind of a brief stay – for instance, on a road trip through California.

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location location location – my adventurous accommodation choices

Location location location: This is a roundup of some of my adventurous accommodation choices. I’ve actually made them in search of the best price-performance ratio.

Road lined with trees, illustrating a location for adventurous accommodation
On the road in the Deep South of the USA.

After all, who doesn’t want to stay at a nice, comfortable hotel at an exceptionally low price?
I do!
However, very often, these accommodations are located in – euphemistically speaking – remote locations. The Spanish call it en el culo del diablo – in the devil’s butt.

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a huge travel mishap – or: my claim to be a rock star

Rock stars are known for throwing large appliances out of the window. Well, although I never claimed to be a rock star, a little mishap that happened to me in New York qualified for being one.

A couple of aircons illustrating the post on my claim to be a rock star which deals with a huge travel mishap
This is not what the air conditioner looked like after my little mishap.
(Photo: Ildar Sagdejev (Specious), 2008-07-11 Air conditioners at UNC-CH, CC BY-SA 4.0)
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