BERLIN guide: get the most for less on bus 100

(Updated April 2020)

Who needs an expensive hop on hop off bus? Follow my guide to Berlin and you’ll get to see most for less by taking the city bus 100.

Guide to Berlin: The Brandenburg Gate is one of the sights passed by bus 100.
Pariser Platz on the Eastern side of the Brandenburger Tor – where the gate used to divide East and West Germany. Today it’s the busiest tourist spot in all Berlin.

In conclusion, all you need is a cheap WelcomeCard that allows you to explore Germany’s capital on your own – and my guide.

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BERLIN – a guide to the Wild Wild East

(Updated December 2019)

A couple of weeks ago, I took you on a smooth ride across Berlin, Germany’s exciting capital, by bus #100. We started at the Alexanderplatz in the east and went westwards all the way to the former main train station Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten.


bye:myself - Renata Green - byemyselftravels: Berlin Wild East
At the East Side Gallery, on this picture by street artist and wall painter Birgit Kinder you can see a Trabant – aka Trabi – one of two types of cars that were manufactured in the former GDR and everyone in the west made fun of. The Trabi is crashing through a wall – guess which one – and its license plate reads Nov 9, 89 – the date the gates to the west were open and the wall – and finally the GDR – came down.

In today’s post, let’s discover what you get to see and experience when you turn east at the Alexanderplatz – and walk right into the heart of the ex-capital of the former GDR – the German Democratic Republic.

You’ll see: It’s the Wild Wild East!

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POTSDAM – how Frederick made a small town great

Potsdam might sound like a cute, drowsy hamlet, everyone is amazed by it’s rich heritage – and how Frederick made this small town great.

Especially Sanssouci shows you POTSDAM and how Frederick made a small town great
Sans Souci Palace is Potsdam’s highlight, no matter what.

Which Frederick?, you might ask. Well, actually it was a couple of them. 

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