The Amazing Murals of the Hotel Ruins of Alyko

The secluded cape of Alyko in the southwest of Naxos island is surrounded by the most beautiful coves and beaches. But Alyko is not only famous for its idyllic secluded bays. It has actually a real landmark. Pretty much in the center of the peninsula is a long-abandoned and uncompleted resort. Today, these hotel ruins of Alyko are decorated with murals by street artists from all over the world. 

Mural at the Ghost Hotel in Alyko Beach in Naxos
This mural that basically bursts through walls was created by Indonesian street artist Wild Drawing – or in short WD. It is definitely the most famous and most photographed of the works at Alyko’s open-air gallery.
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A Self-Guided Bus Tour to Naxos’ 5 Most Beautiful Mountain Villages

Yes, there are those paradisiac beaches lining the island of Naxos. But the true travel connoisseur makes sure to explore also Naxos’ hinterland for at least one day. Don’t wanna drive up those crazy serpentines yourself? No problem since Naxos’ 5 most beautiful mountain villages can be conveniently visited on a self-guided tour by public bus. All you need is an elaborate timetable which I put together for you in this post.

Alley in Chalkio, one of the Mountain Villages on Naxos
The village of Chalkio- where in some corners the time seems to stand still.

This way, not only do you save a lot of money. Travelling by bus also spares you driving the crazy serpentines and searching for a secure parking spot. Hence, let the driver do the job while you enjoy the scenery to the fullest.

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The Best and Most Beautiful Beaches of Naxos

There is this grand history. There are those picturesque mountain villages. You can hike for hours alongside those Mediterranean olive groves and climb mountains from where you’ll have majestic views of the Aegean sea. All this is fine and dandy. But Naxos’ strongest suits are undeniably the beautiful long golden beaches hemming turquoise crystal clear waters. In this guide, I show you how to get to the best beaches of Naxos comfortably by public bus.

Agios Prokopios Beach in Naxos
Please, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the view of Agios Prokopios Beach.
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NAXOS – Five Best Things in Five Days

Exceptional beaches, picturesque mountain villages, hikes between sheep and olive trees, antique temples, and a mysterious hotel ruin: Here are the five best things not to miss on Naxos.

Chora of Naxos - One of the Five Best Things to do on the island
The Chora of Naxos seen through the eyes Gate of Apollo.

So pack your swimsuit as well as your hiking boots and follow me to Greece’s largest and arguably most amazing island.

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The Island of IOS During Off-Season

Right from the start, let’s put two things straight: Firstly, Ios is not a mobile operating system but one of the Cycladic Islands. And secondly, during the off-season, the island of Ios does not live up to its reputation as a notorious teenage rampage party destination. As soon as all those juvenile disco queens and kings return to their original realms, Ios becomes a very laid-back, even serene island full of natural beauty and tranquility.

The Chora of Ios from above.
The Chora of Ios from above.

To be honest, I don’t even remember exactly what made me come to Ios in the first place. I actually think that it was primarily the island’s convenient location halfway between Santorini and Naxos. So why not squeeze in a couple of days on yet another of the Cyclades? And I certainly didn’t regret it.

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SANTORINI – a self-guided island tour by bus

Picturesque villages of white-washed houses with blue windows and doors, overgrown by blazing red bougainvillea. White church domes against the bluest skies and at dusk, the iconic sunset over the southern Aegean Sea – who doesn’t dream of Santorini? In this guide, I’m showing you how you can tour the island and explore the most enchanting places in Santorini self-guided by a local bus.

View of the village of Oia, visited on a self-guided tour by public bus during three days on Santorini
It simply doesn’t get old: The iconic view of the village of Oia.

I spent three days on the island and got to see the most iconic places at a relaxed pace. If you want to add some hiking – which I didn’t since it was simply too hot – or spend some time on the beach – which is a bit pointless since Santorini’s beaches just aren’t that good – you might want to spend up to one week. However, I’d argue that less than two entire days on the island are definitely too short.

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