VENICE on a budget: when to go, where to stay, what to eat, and much more

Venice on a budget? Is that even possible?
Agreed, visiting Venice can be pretty pricey.
After all, you find yourself at one of the world’s most unique places – and it comes with a price tag.

Italy Venice Canale Grande
Every visitor to Venice will know this sight: The Chiesa di San Simeon Piccolo across from the main train station Venezia Santa Lucia, photographed from the Ponte degli Scalzi.

However, if you follow my simple hacks, visiting Venice on a budget is easy and still very enjoyable.

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MURANO: It’s a Crystalline World

Visiting Venice, you absolutely have to venture out to discover the Crystalline World of Murano.

Vetreria Ducale in Murano Crystalline World
Some of the best places to shop for glass on Murano island: The Vetreria Ducale, adorned by a sign of Guerrieri pottery, and to the left the Ferro & Lazzarini glass factory.

Most visitors to Venice stay and explore only the Centro Storico, the historic center. It is divided into six districts called Sestieri. Although they seem to form one large island, there is a total of 120 islands in the lagoon. However, only 11 are permanently inhabited. Of those islands, Murano is the third largest one – after the Centro Storico and the Lido. It actually consists of seven small islands divided by eight channels and connected by bridges.

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How to Visit the Biennale di Arte in Venice 2019

While Venice is a place worth visiting even when nothing special is on, here is how to visit the city during the Biennale di Arte, one of the world’s most important art events, in 2019.

Ponte dell'Accademia Venice Italy
Ponte dell’Accademia, one of only four opportunities to cross the Canale Grande walking, advertising for this year’s mega-event.

However, the Biennials add some contemporary suspense and glamour to all the shiny renaissance the Doges left behind, and this summer, the 58th Biennale di Arte is on.

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United Colors of Biennale – Visiting the Biennale di Arte in 2017

United Colors of Biennale – hard to believe that it’s been already one month ago that I’ve been to Venice on the occasion of the 57th Biennial.

Time passes so fast.

 One of John Waters' three boards why studying art.
One of John Waters‘ three boards why studying art.

But it’s a good moment to look back on this marvelous and inspiring visit and show you my favorite works.

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