VENICE on a budget: when to go, where to stay, what to eat, and much more

Venice on a budget? Is that even possible?
Agreed, visiting Venice can be pretty pricey.
After all, you find yourself at one of the world’s most unique places – and it comes with a price tag.

Italy Venice Canale Grande
Every visitor to Venice will know this sight: The Chiesa di San Simeon Piccolo across from the main train station Venezia Santa Lucia, photographed from the Ponte degli Scalzi.

However, if you follow my simple hacks, visiting Venice on a budget is easy and still very enjoyable.

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Best Things to do in GRAN CANARIA in one week

Spending your entire trip to the largest of the Canary Islands just on one of the – admittedly fantastic – beaches would be such a waste of time – hence, here are the best things to do in Gran Canaria even if you have only one week.

Beach of Alcavaneras in Las Palmas
Gran Canaria has idyllic beaches, yet, there is much more to see.

After a bumpy start on my first trip to the island, I came back a couple of months later and can now happily show you around, lead you away from the tourist ghettos on the southern shores to some fantastic gems in the mountainous hinterland as well as the very pleasant capital Las Palmas. By the way, she’s not only the largest city of all of the islands, but she’s also surrounded by some of Gran Canaria’s best beaches.

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Guide to LAS PALMAS – Your Perfect Base to Explore GRAN CANARIA

Las Palmas is probably the most underrated place on the island – yet, it’s the perfect base if you want to explore Gran Canaria beyond the notorious tourist areas in the south.

Looking at the Plaza de Santa Ana and the town hall from the Catedral Metropolitana de Santa Ana de Canarias.
View of the Plaza Mayor de Santa Ana and the town hall from the roof of the Catedral de Santa Ana.

Apart from having a charming historic center with cool venues and some of the island’s best beaches, it is a great hub for visiting the entire island even by public transport.

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Antoni Gaudi in BARCELONA: A Guide to Modernism

The significance of Antoni Gaudi for Barcelona is already reflected in the fact that out of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the city, he designed seven – so let me guide you to these gems of Modernism.

Gaudi's two most iconic works in together: The chimneys of the Casa Mila with the Sagrada Familia in the backdrop.
Gaudi’s two most iconic works in together: The chimneys of the Casa Milà with the Sagrada Família in the backdrop.
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Seven Days in BARCELONA And Ten Reasons Not to Miss Out on a Visit

As international travel picked up again, one of the first trips I did was to spend seven days in Barcelona, Catalonia’s exciting capital. While in this post, I’m listing ten valid reasons why you have to visit this gem, there is an additional one why you should do it right now: Go before all the others are coming – Barcelona is one of the most-visited cities in Europe.

Taking a picture at the Parque Güell
Capturing Barcelona’s beauty.

Nevertheless, due to the pandemic, it’s still taking a breather.

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Weekend in VALENCIA. Ten Reasons Not to Miss Out on a Visit

If you are thinking about spending – at least – a weekend in Valencia, this post gives you ten valid reasons why you definitely should carry out your plans as soon as you can.

Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences
Valencia’s City of Arts and Science, which was constructed over the first decade of this millennium, offers some leisure activities for everyone: You can enjoy all those architectural wonders even while rowing a boat across the pools.
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SPAIN – A Complete Travel Guide

In this complete travel guide to Spain, I’m supplying you with all the basic information as well as some tips and hacks that will make your travel to the eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula smoother and therefore even more enjoyable.

Flamenco Dancer in Granada - introduced in a Complete Travel Guide to Spain
Pride and passion: A beautiful flamenco dancer in Granada.
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Guide to CORDOBA – the Moorish Center of Andalusia

As my circular road trip to the most beautiful places in Andalusia slowly came to an end, I finally arrived at the marvelous city of Cordoba – so yalla yalla, let me guide you through what was once Andalusia’s Moorish Center.

Renata Green at the gardens of the Reyes Catolicos in Cordoba
Queen of the castle: Checking out some unusual real estate at the gardens of the Reyes Católicos.

Well, could it be that unintentionally, I had saved the best for last?

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