Individual Solo Trip to KOREA – All Your Questions Answered

Mega-Cities and hidden Buddhist Temples, a booming electrical industry and bustling farmers market, K-Pop and traditional Pansori chants – Korea is a land full of fascinating contrasts.
And since the country is not only incredibly varied but also quite different from the Western part of the world, travelling around Korea can be a bit overwhelming, especially for individual solo travellers who are not basically carried from place to place on a pre-organized tour. To make your entry into Korea a bit easier and smoother, I put together a sack of helpful info and tips that will make your Individual Solo Trip to Korea fun right from the start.

Change of the guards at the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.
The Land of Morning Calm awaits you with countless curiosities.
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All You Need to Know Before Visiting a Korean Spa

An important part of Korean culture is the so-called Jjimjilbang. A Jjimjilbang is a public bathhouse consisting of traditional saunas and pools. The latter are not used to cleanse the body; this should be done thoroughly before entering the thermal pool. The Jjimjilbang’s facilities are designed for leisure and relaxation. Therefore, it is unsurprising that some establishments even allow customers to sleep there overnight. When visiting a traditional Korean bathhouse, certain procedures are expected, and strict rules must be followed. In this post, I have put together everything you need to know when visiting a Korean Spa so that you don’t make any mistakes even as a first-time visitor.

SPA in Seoul, one of the best things to do in Seoul, hence here is All You Need to Know Before Visiting a Korean Spa.
Insendong’s cozy SPA.
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Solo Female Travel to Morocco – All Your Questions Answered

Ready to step into mystic tales from 1001 night? Planning your trip to Morocco but you aren’t sure if a female globetrotter should travel there solo? Relax, in this post, I have you covered. I’m answering all your questions – even those you didn’t know you had.
So pour yourself a glass of mint tea and prepare for a wonderful journey.

Fez train station.
Exploring Morocco by train is reliable and comfortable – and perfect also for solo-travelling women.
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How (not) to behave in JAPAN

Before travelling to Japan, everyone makes a big deal of how to behave correctly in Japan – because it’s so different.

School Class crossing street in Japan, showing how to behave.
Follow the leader. And follow the rules. And….oh, when in Japan, just follow.

I really don’t know why everyone emphasizes how different Japan is. Because – different from what? Like everything else in life, different is very relative.

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