24 hours in ZAGREB

You know like in all my “24 hours in….”-posts I’ve written that there is so much more to see and one day is not enough? Well, when it comes to Zagreb, I don’t.

Since if you’re not there for a conference, convention, or exhibition, a day is enough to cover the attractions, do some shopping, and have a meal of Zagorski Štrukli, dough – baked or boiled, sweet or salty – or Ćevapi, a type of traditional kebab.

Street leading to St. Mark's church in Zagreb, landmark to be visited during 24 hours in Zagreb
Zagreb’s iconic St. Mark’s church

So in this case,  the post is an itinerary for a layover or a shortstop on a road-trip way south e. g. to the Adriatic coast – as well as a complete guide for a city break.

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Guide to ZAGREB, Croatia’s Capital Off the Tourist Trails

This is a guide to Zagreb, Croatia’s Capital which also geographically lies a bit off the tourist trails.

Zagreb's most iconic landmark, the Saint Mark's Church at the Upper Town.
Zagreb’s most iconic landmark, the Saint Mark’s Church at the Upper Town.

However, a visit to Zagreb will nicely complete your trip to Croatia since you’ll get to know a place that differs from the treasure boxes along the Adriatic sea.

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POREC – Venice’s Little Sister in Croatia

Technically speaking, Porec, Venice‘s little sister, was the fourth stop on my tour through Croatia.

View of the sunset over Porec Venice's little sister in Croatia
Istria used to be ruled by Venice – and funnily enough, not only do the alleys and palazzi of the little town remind me of my favorite Italian city, even the skyline looks a bit Venetian.

My trip had begun in Hamburg from where I went by train and busses via Munich, Ljubljana, and Zagreb to the Adriatic coast.

Hence, I was looking forward to going to Poreč.

It has this Italian history and a very cute, atmospheric little town with incredibly beautiful architecture. Most importantly, it’s on the coast and has beaches.

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Guide to PLITVICE LAKES: Waters in Dreamlike Colors

Come on, follow my guide through the National Park of Plitvice and awe at lakes and pools in dreamlike colors.

Plitvice National Park Plitvice Lakes Croatia
If paradise is half as nice….as Plitvice National Park, we definitely have something to look forward to.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places in my time – oceans, mountains, jungles, and also lakes. However, the Plitvice National Park is one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve ever laid eyes on.

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Guide to KRKA National Park and SKRADIN

A guide to Krka National Park, a green paradise nestled between the hills and mountains of Central Dalmatia. However, even the way can be the goal, since it’s within walking distance from the small coastal town of Skradin.

Center of attention: The Skradinski Buk waterfall.
Center of attention: The Skradinski Buk waterfall.

And what a scenic walk that is!
Although this national park is not that large, it still is impressively rich in various types of habitats with many endemic species.

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Guide to SPLIT, a city that has it all

Let me guide you to Split, another one of these many Croatian cities that seem to have it all: Rich history presented in a well-preserved, breathtakingly beautiful old town. Colorful farmers’ markets sell fresh produce to restaurants that prepare the most delish meals. Lush woods as well as nice beaches – and all that within the city limits. And a posh harbor – the gateway to splendid destinations beyond the sea.

Split - one of Croatia's most beautiful cities.
Split – one of Croatia’s most beautiful cities.

Nevertheless, visiting Split, I had to check it out in a….split second.

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Guide to DUBROVNIK, the Lustrous Pearl of Dalmatia

Guide to Dubrovnik, the Lustrous Pearl of Dalmatia. It was the grand finale of my bus road trip along the Adriatic coast.

View of the Old Town of Dubrovnik
Best of Dubrovnik: Architecture, mountains, and the deep blue sea.

Despite the large crowds and the flaws that come with tourist sellouts that overshadowed my stay a bit.

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CROATIA – Complete Guide to a Bus Road Trip

Everybody who has been to Croatia is just raving – about the food in general and the special treats such as extra virgin olive oil and big, aromatic truffles in particular.

About the beautiful sceneries and the clear waters that are one of Europe’s last dolphin refuges. But I was stubborn. When everybody tries to talk me in one direction, I turn my head and walk the other way. My mental age is 13.

Croatia - Riva Promenade in Split
A stroll on Split’s Riva Promenade

And then, I had to face a very stressful Autumn and therefore, I needed a destination somewhere in Europe. A place that would save me from culture shock. Hence, I renounced my plans on going around half the globe to Japan and decided to spend September in Croatia.

Since it’s much closer. Since it’s much cheaper. And a teeny tiny bit since everybody who has been there being just raving about it.

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