24 hours in ZAGREB

You know like in all my 24 hours in….-posts I’ve written that there is so much more to see and one day is not enough? Well, when it comes to Zagreb, I don’t.

I’d argue that if you’re not in Zagreb for a conference, convention, or exhibition, a day is enough to cover the most important attractions, do some shopping, and have a meal of Zagorski Štrukli, dough – baked or boiled, sweet or salty – or Ćevapi, a type of traditional kebab.

Street leading to St. Mark's church in Zagreb, landmark to be visited during 24 hours in Zagreb
Zagreb’s iconic St. Mark’s church
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Guide to ZAGREB, Croatia’s Capital Off the Tourist Tracks

Since Zagreb is located in the northern center of the country and quite far from the coast, the city is not only geographically off the tourist tracks. Many visitors simply skip the city and head straight to Croatia’s gorgeous shores and islands. Yet, it is precisely the opportunity to experience real Croatian city life that makes a visit to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, so interesting – in contrast and as a cultural complement to the beautiful places alongside the Istrian and Dalmatian coast.

Zagreb's most iconic landmark, the Saint Mark's Church at the Upper Town. Zagreb off tourist tracks
Zagreb’s most iconic landmark, the Saint Mark’s Church at the Upper Town.
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