24 hours in MILAN

After another stopover in Milan on the occasion of my trip to Venice for the Biennale, I’m now ready to share my best bits of advice in this brand-new 24 hours in…-post.

Museo 900 in Milan
Here you can kill two birds with one stone (actually that’s a quite disturbing idiom): Best view at the Duomo, Milan’s cathedral, from the Museo Novecento (the spiral on the ceiling is by Lucio Fontana, just so you know

As usual, while writing, I had a layover in mind or a short break on a road trip down South. If you’re staying longer and want to experience it some more, check out my recent post on an entire weekend in this Northern Italian city of art and fashion to get further inspiration and information.

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Language Learning in Milan

Learning Italian in Milan – when taking a language course in the country of origin, you obviously learn much more than just the local tongue.

Class of 2016: my wonderful interesting, sophisticated, talented, and creative co-students and our sweet teacher Claudia (kneeling in the middle). In the back you see my classmate Ji Hun Yeo from South Korea who came to Italy to study – take a wild guess – lyrical singing. One time we had the great pleasure to get a mini-concerto.
Click here to enjoy it, too.
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