Take a Break: The Three Best Beaches You Can Easily Visit From VENICE

There’s no question about it: Venice is absolutely magical. Strolling between the canals and over countless bridges. Losing yourself between majestic palazzi and gazing dreamily after the gondolas.
However, despite its ancient charm, Venice keeps you on your toes, and a visit can also get quite stressful. The masses of tourists, the queues, the pushing and the shoving at the jetties. In the summer there is also the heat.
Therefore, if you have the chance, it’s definitely worth adding one or two days extra to spend on one of the beaches off the Veneto shores.
Let me assure you: Pampering yourself with a day full of dolce far niente, hence, sweet idleness, will recharge your batteries and get you fit so that you can joyfully plunge back into the hustle and bustle of Venice.
Don’t know where to spread out your beach towel?
No problem: In this post, I’ll introduce you to the three best beaches that you can reach quickly and easily by public bus or the iconic water bus Vaporetto from Venice.

The Diga Faro Alberoni on the Lido di Venezia.
Taking a refreshing dip at the Lido di Venezia.
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Day Trip to the LIDO di VENEZIA. Breaking Away from Venice

Venice is magic, without a doubt: The canals, the bridges, the palazzi, the gondolas – I could go on and on. Nevertheless, a visit to Venice can also be very stressful: The tourist masses, the pushing, the shoving, the lines, the heat. Therefore, especially if you are in Venice for more than just two or three days, you should treat yourself to a day trip to the beaches of the Lido di Venezia.

View of the Lido di Venezia on a day trip from Venice
Ciao, Lido, here I come. A day trip to the beaches of the Lido di Venezia is a well-deserved break for every culture vulture.

Break away from Venice and hop on the vaporatto that rushes you to the Lido di Venezia in about half an hour’s time. Here, you’ll enter a world of serenity and the flair of a Mediterranean beach resort.

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