Five Highlights of KUALA LUMPUR – literally

Being Malaysia’s capital and one of Asia’s mega-cities, there are many sights and landmarks to experience in Kuala Lumpur – literally. So let me guide you to the five most important highlights of Kuala Lumpur and beyond.

View from the Batu Caves over the Lord Murugan Statue all the way to Kuala Lumpur
View of Kuala Lumpur from the most imposing landmark – the Lord Murugan Statue in front of the Batu Caves in the district of Selangor, 12 kilometers north of Malaysia’s capital.

In all honesty, all in all, it’s not such a great city. However, practically everyone is visiting. Because, basically, everyone has to: Kuala Lumpur has not only two major airports. There is also a reliable system of trains and long-distance buses.

Its location practically halfway between the northern border to Thailand and Singapore in the south makes Malaysia’s capital a great hub.

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