24 hours in VIENNA

On my last flight to Vienna, I was surprised how many passengers were on their way to farther destinations, hence, only on a stopover in Austria’s mesmerizing capital. Therefore, I think it’s definitely time for an itinerary for up to 24 hours in yet another memorable metropolis in Central Europe.

24 hous in Vienna: Horse carriage
Although Vienna has a great public transport network, there are still countless horse-drawn carriages around the city.

After having already published a comprehensive guide to Vienna, below are my top tips for what not to miss in this city bursting with cultural treasures. Generally, it’s meant as an itinerary for just a layover or a short stop on a road trip through Europe. Mind you, the small country of Austria neighbors eight countries, after all!

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VIENNA – visited by streetcar

Although Austria is one of the smallest countries in Europe, its central location and especially its influential past make it to the heart – or maybe the solar plexus – of the continent.
Austria’s capital Vienna is looking back at an everchanging and compelling history. Whether it is the Congress of Vienna where Europe’s layout and faith were determined after the Napoleonic wars or the powerful Habsburg dynasty including Empress Sisi and her tragic faith. Since the gilded years around the turn of the 20th century, Vienna has been the center of the artistic and intellectual avant-garde. Progressive painters like Egon Schiele, innovative designers like Koloman Moser, inventive architects like Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos, exciting musicians like Arnold Schönberg, and of course the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud made a compelling case for the city’s glory.
Amazingly, you don’t need to join an expensive city tour to explore all the wonders this extraordinary city has in store. Basically, all the magnificent and world-famous landmarks in Vienna can be easily and inexpensively visited by a public streetcar!

View of the Kunsthistorisches Museum from the Leopold Museum in Vienna.
The Leopold Museum is not only worth the visit for the art, but it also opens to Vienna’s most beautiful views.

So hop on, let’s explore a city full of history, stories, and myths!

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When going to the Canaries, you don’t have to limit yourself since island hopping between the various Canary Islands is really fun and so easy.

View of two of the Canary Islands.
Two in one: While the hill on the left is Gran Canaria, the one in the backdrop is Tenerife. This picture proves how close the Canary Islands are to each other.

While most visitors pick just one destination for their beach vacation, you can have it all: Hop on a ferry or go on a plane and travel crisscross between Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, and La Gomera as much as you please.

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Individual Solo Trip to KOREA – All Your Questions Answered

Mega-Cities and hidden Buddhist Temples, a booming electrical industry and bustling farmers market, K-Pop and traditional Pansori chants – Korea is a land full of fascinating contrasts.
And since the country is not only incredibly varied but also quite different from the Western part of the world, travelling around Korea can be a bit overwhelming, especially for individual solo travellers who are not basically carried from place to place on a pre-organized tour. To make your entry into Korea a bit easier and smoother, I put together a sack of helpful info and tips that will make your Individual Solo Trip to Korea fun right from the start.

Change of the guards at the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.
The Land of Morning Calm awaits you with countless curiosities.
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Grand Tour of SOUTH KOREA – A Guide for Individual First-Time Visitors

BTS and Gangnam Style, Squid Games and Parasites – never before has South Korea been this hyped. Korean pop culture is not only on everyone’s lips, but also in everyone’s eyes and ears.
Time to join the hype?
Well, although everything Korean has become so incredibly popular, a first trip to Korea can be a challenge, especially for individual solo travellers who are not basically carried from place to place on a pre-organized tour.
Time to scratch your travel plan?
No way! In this post, I’m taking you on my first individual grand tour of Korea, the motherland of K-Pop, Kingdoms, and Kimchi. I’m by your side, supply you with much useful info, and warn you of some foolish rookie mistakes.

Change of the guards at the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, the capital of Korea. Grand Tour of SOUTH KOREA - A Guide for Individual First-Time Visitors
Despite Korea’s booming economy and industry, there is still a lot of traditional culture and heritage.

All this will make your trip to Korea easy and smooth and so much fun!
Hence, 한국에 오신 것을 환영합니다 – Welcome to South Korea!

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The Perfect Itinerary for Three Days in BUSAN

Home of the sixth busiest industrial port in the world next to one of Korea’s most beautiful beaches. Around 3.5 million inhabitants are cradled between lush hills dotted with ancient Buddhist shrines. Tradition embracing modernity: The number of things you can do in Busan will make your head spin, and therefore, I put together a perfect itinerary for how to spend three memorable days in the city.

Market in Busan.
Busan is full of sights and landmarks. Yet, its strongest suit is its street life and the bustling markets.
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Best Things to Do in SEOUL: The Must-Dos And the Hidden Gems

No matter if you stay two days in Seoul or two weeks: This exciting city has so much to offer that basically any stay will be far too short. However, to ensure that you get to see not only the most significant must-dos but also some of the countless hidden gems in Seoul, I clustered this guide according to eight very different neighborhoods. This way, you save on commuting and can invest all your precious time in the best things to do in Seoul.

Change of the guards at the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.
Despite Korea’s booming economy and industrialization, there is still a lot of culture and heritage to indulge in.
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LJUBLJANA Mon Amour: What Not to Miss During Two Days in Slovenia’s Beloved Capital

Ljubljana mon amour: In fact, already the city’s name sounds like a tender song and derives from the word ljubljena which translates to beloved. With the picturesque river that winds through the old town and is crossed by charming bridges, the large number of captivating buildings from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Deco, its onion-domed churches, and an imposing fortress high above the city, the city absolutely lives up to her lovely name.
And since Ljubljana is small but definitely mighty, you can explore the city’s most iconic spots and landmarks easily in two days.

The Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Like in every decent fairy tale, you have to make it past the dragon to get to the beautiful princess. Ljubljana is no exception.

Although the city is no secret anymore and can actually get quite busy in the high season, Ljubljana has kept its sleeping beauty charm and is a sparkling gem.

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Best Things to Do on a Long Weekend in COPENHAGEN

Copenhagen has many sides that can be explored even in a short city break. There are romantic castles and quirky neighborhoods, the world’s oldest amusement park, and exciting contemporary art. In this post, I’m showing you how to experience some truly unique things on a long weekend in Copenhagen. The city is known for its cool Scandinavian design and the hottest trends in the gastro scene – including a couple of Michelin star-decorated restaurants. In contrast, there are original vintage shops and fun communal eateries where you can rub shoulders with locals without breaking the bank.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen
Nyhavn is Copenhagen’s most picturesque but also its most touristy part. In this post, I’ll also take you to some more hidden and serene quarters.
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