Guide to KRKA National Park and SKRADIN

A guide to Krka National Park, a green paradise nestled between the hills and mountains of Central Dalmatia. However, even the way can be the goal, since it’s within walking distance from the small coastal town of Skradin.

Center of attention: The Skradinski Buk waterfall.
Center of attention: The Skradinski Buk waterfall.

And what a scenic walk that is!
Although this national park is not that large, it still is impressively rich in various types of habitats with many endemic species.

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Guide to PUNO and a visit to lake TITICACA

This is a guide to Puno, a town on the shores of lake Titicaca from where you can visit the self-made Uros islands and the mesmerizing Isla Taquile where the men are knitting hats’n’gloves with the most varied patterns.

Man overlooking Lake Titicaca on the Taquile island - seen on a daytrip from Puno to the Uros Islands and Isla Taquile
A Taquileño overlooking the deep blue lake. I wonder if he’s dreamily enjoying the view – or just dreams of getting away from all that knitting.

However, you might want to prepare yourself for some annoying altitude sickness since Puno is on more than 3,800 meters above sea level – so don’t hold your breath.

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PUCALLPA – Gateway to the Amazon

Pucallpa is the gateway to Perú’s Amazon region and has the charm of a B-movie.

It’s the jungle. Therefore, you can watch birds and sloths and fish for piranhas in the river Ucayali as well as the Yarinacocha lagoon.

On the banks of river Ucayali that goes into the Amazon in Pucallpa.
On the banks of river Ucayali.

So I had seen Lima and Paracas on the costa, Perú’s pacific coast. I also visited Arequipa, Cusco, and Machu Picchu in the sierra of the Andean region. Hence, all that was missing was a little selva, the jungle.

That would make the Peruvian trilogy complete.

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DA LAT – the cool ‘n’ colonial escape

To this day, Da Lat, a former colonial town in Vietnam’s cool highlands, is a popular weekend and even honeymoon destination for locals.

Coffee farm with a view.

International visitors join the Vietnamese honeymooners to enjoy the region’s rolling hills covered by lush vegetation.

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Guide to Peru ‘s Five Mountainous Highlights

So here comes my guide to the Mountainous Highlights of Peru – and this pun is totally intended!

Indigenous Man in the Andes, the mountainous highlights of Peru
The indigenous people living in the Andes still wear their traditional attire – and not for touristy purposes.
(Photo: Fred Wanderley Fred on Pixabay)

While Peru does invite its visitors to experience the sierra, selva, and costa – hence, the mountains, the jungle, and the coast – the first-mentioned is definitely the most unique and alluring of those regions.

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