The Best Street Art in MARTINIQUE

The French Antilles island of Martinique is so beautiful that, strictly speaking, it needs no further embellishment: cool blue and turquoise tones of the Caribbean Sea, the endless white beaches, the lush green of the lush vegetation – who can match this splendor? Well, some brave street artists have taken up the challenge and competed with nature with their outstanding works. They created fantastic murals. This gives me the opportunity to introduce you to the best street art in Martinique.

Mural in Fort-de-France.
Sadly, this beautiful mural is not only pretty battered, some vandal also left his mark. Nevertheless, the message is still clear: My religion is fraternization, is written on the top. Then there is a wild mix of backgrounds such as ethnicity and nationality. And always the word humanity in between. At the bottom, there is everything desirable for the future, such as respect, education, courage.
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The Best Beaches in Martinique You Can Easily Visit by Public Bus

As I explained in my post MAGNIFICENT MARTINIQUE: Ten Places Not to Miss on Your Visit – even when exploring by public bus, this French Caribbean Island offers an incredible variety of cultural and natural treasures some of which are indisputably the pristine shores. What many visitors don’t know: Numerous of the most beautiful beaches lining Martinique can be conveniently and very inexpensively visited by public bus.

Two women on one of the best beaches in Martinique that you can reach by public bus.
Life is better on the beach.

In this post, you’ll find comprehensive info on which coach to take and how to get there.

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MAGNIFICENT MARTINIQUE: Ten Places Not to Miss on Your Visit (even when exploring by public bus)

Martinique – doesn’t the name bear elegance and classiness but also exotism? Indeed, the French Caribbean Island of Martinique delights its visitors with golden beaches, turquoise waters, lush greenery in abundance, tropical vibes, and French savoir-vivre.
Undoubtedly, Martinique is a feast for all your senses.
In this comprehensive guide, I’m telling you which ten places – or more precisely: areas – not to miss during your visit to Martinique and how to get there even if you are exploring the island comfortably by public bus.

Martinique Places not miss public bus: Pier and beach of Anse d'Arlet.
One of Martinique’s most iconic views: Église Saint-Henri across from the pier in Anses d’Arlet.
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