The Best Beaches in Curacao You Can Easily Visit by Public Bus

Curaçao is the largest and definitely most varied one of the ABC islands. Not only does it have a vibrant capital city that made it onto UNESCO’s list of world heritage. The island boasts powerful street art, fascinating history, amazing food, and world-famous liqueur. Yet, one of the main reasons tourists flock to the island, especially during the wintertime, are Curaçao’s idyllic coves and secluded beaches.
Contrary to all assumptions, many of the most beautiful beaches lining the island of Curacao can be conveniently and very inexpensively reached by public bus.

Curacao's northernmost paradise Playa Kalkí.
Curacao’s northernmost paradise Playa Kalkí.


Other than for instance Aruba, Curaçao does not have those endless beaches covered with white powdery sand. Since the coast is rather rocky, you’ll find lots of picturesque coves and bays where you can swim, snorkel, dive, and sunbathe.
On the other hand, other than on Bonaire, in Curaçao, these small bays are covered with sand so that you don’t need to spread your towel on an uncomfortable rock.

View of Kenepa Grandi in Curacao The Caribbean Island That Has It All
View of Curaçao’s amazing waters from the outlook at Kenapa Grandi.

All the bays I have visited had some kind of touristy infrastructure like permanently installed parasols with strong wooden stands and straw umbrellas called palapas, and beach beds. Nevertheless, since there are some major differences between Curaçao’s beaches, I’m describing them below so that you are prepared respectively can choose which ones sound more attractive to you. Because I myself had to find out that those iconic beaches every review is raving about aren’t necessarily for me. Not because they aren’t beautiful – they certainly are. But they are packed with people lying beach bed next to beach bed.
Excuse me, do you have a little room for me in your sardine can?

Everyone likes and expects something different from a perfect beach. While some people enjoy the lounge feeling of a comfortable beach bed with an attentive waiter serving cocktails, others prefer the serenity of a secluded cove with no infrastructure whatsoever. There are fans of the underwater world and those of sea sports. While some enjoy pounding beats, others just want tranquility to read their book.

Good news: Curaçao has a beach for each and every need’n’taste!

Jan Thiel Beach

Let’s start with Curaçao’s most famous beach, Jan Thiel. Their slogan is It all happens at Jan Thiel Beach, and they are absolutely right. Only: That’s not necessarily attractive for everyone. Jan Thiel is a large resort including various parts of which some are exclusively for hotel guests.

Jan Thiel Beach in Curacao, The Caribbean Island That Has It All
While the beach is not so great….

While the site is very spacious, it is also packed with beach beds so the resort does have a cramped feel to it.

Hence, although it supposedly all happens at Jan Thiel Beach, it ensues without me as I’m rather the Robinson-type.

Infinity pool at Jan Thiel Beach
….their infinity pool definitely is beautiful.

You have to pay a 3.50 US$ entrance fee at a booth and then about 5 US$ for a beach bed. In return, you have all the facilities like showers, bathrooms, and a couple of halfway reasonably priced bars and restaurants.

I would say that Jan Thiel is by far the best option for those who want or need well-functioning infrastructure like for instance families with small children.

How To Get There

The Jan Thiel Beach complex is located southeast of Willemstad and can be easily reached by bus #6. Coaches go back and forth between the bus station in Punda and the final stop Caracas Baai from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. in intervals of about 1 to 1.5 hours.

Kenepa Grandi

This beach goes by various names depending on the language. You’ll find it also as Grote Knip, Knip Beach, or Playa Kenepa. No matter what you call it, it is definitely one of Curaçao’s most beautiful sand beaches.

Located on the northern west coast of the island, it opens in a long bay to the sea. However, as the bay is protected by two protruding cliffs, you can safely swim’n’snorkel.

View of Kenepa Grandi in Curacao, The Caribbean Island That Has It All
On so many levels, Curaçao lives up to the color blue.

As soon as you get there, you’ll be amazed by the views from the outlook on the beach’s southern side.

The waters are wonderful and clear and popular snorkeling grounds. Mind you, although it is a sand beach, there are rocks and corals in the water, hence, you should wear swim shoes.

Pigs of Kenepa Grandi in Curacao, The Caribbean Island That Has It All
Some cute pigs paying Kenepa Grandi a visit.

What makes Kenepa Grandi so special, however, is the option to jump into the water from the cliffs. I’m a mother, hence, I certainly won’t recommend anyone to jump into unknown waters, but obviously, people are doing it safely there.

Since Kenepa Grandi is a public beach, there is no entrance fee, but there are no facilities either. Yet, there is a snack bar selling soft drinks and burgers. However, I wouldn’t count on them being open 24/7, therefore, you better bring your own water and snacks.

Curacaoans enjoying their weekend on the beach.
Curaçaoans enjoying their weekend on the beach.

On weekends, Kenepa Grandi gets crowded with locals who are barbecuing and celebrating life, which makes the beach less serene, obviously. Also, some land excursions take cruise passengers to Playa Kenepa, but they mostly stay just for about two hours.

How To Get There

From the bus station in Otrabanda, you can get to Kenepa Grandi by bus #3C. The buses leave the station approximately every two hours, and it takes around 90 minutes. The parking lot above the beach is the bus’ final stop, hence, you cannot miss it.

Kokomo Beach

Everybody knows
A little place like Kokomo
Now if you wanna go
To get away from it all
Go down to Kokomo

Kokomo Beach on Curacao
Iconic Kokomo.

This is what the Beach Boys sang in 1988, and since then, many followed their invitation. Far too many. Today, you definitely cannot “get away from it all” at Kokomo Beach.
On the contrary.

Bar in Kokomo Beach
Is this the bar where Tom Cruise used to mix cocktails? What do you think?

Kokomo Beach is a relatively small cove. Since it’s very popular – probably also due to this highly unintelligent song – it was the most crowded beach I visited during my stay in Curaçao. It is basically covered with sun beds standing close to each other in lines.
I hate that.

Kokomo Beach
Secluded yet still crowded.

The water is nice, but the water is nice everywhere around Curaçao.

Although you don’t have to pay an entrance fee, it seems to be a private beach since there is a fence and a gate that closes at 7 p.m.

You can get food and drinks from two bars if you don’t want to bring your own.

Kokomo Beach
Snorkeling way down below the viewpoint of Fort Vaersenbaai.

However, after having visited the legendary Kokomo Beach, I came to the conclusion that it’s simply not worth the hassle of finding ways to visit the other extremely secluded beaches everyone is raving about.

Cas Abao and Porto Marie are impossible to visit by public bus unless you are willing to walk for 45 minutes on a deserted road where car drivers don’t expect pedestrians to meander around. And since they are at least as famous as Kokomo, I’m afraid they will be as packed and far from being dreamy. That’s simply not worth the strenuousness of complicated routes and long walks in the Caribbean sun.

Flamingos at the Saliña Sint Michiel in Curacao The Caribbean Island That Has It All
Saliña Sint Michiel.

Obviously, that’s a whole different story if you are driving there.

How To Get There

If you want to visit Kokomo by public bus, you have to take #8A or #8B to Sami Liber. From there, it’s about 20 minutes to Kokomo by foot. On your way, you’ll pass the Saliña Sint Michiel where you can spot flamingos. Also, above Kokomo’s southern end is the viewpoint of Fort Vaersenbaai. You can walk up a trail that begins at Boka Sami next to the Saliña.

I was very lucky that the minibus driver offered to take me all the way to Kokomo for a little surcharge of 3 guilders – about 1.50 US$. She even picked me up. This is only an option if you are taking a minibus, obviously. Drivers of the big buses have to stick to their designated routes.

Mambo Beach

I might be a bit biased when it comes to Mambo Beach since it was my go-to place when I was tired and didn’t feel much like exploring new shores beaches. Since it is within walking distance from the Boca Simon guest house*, it was my refuge of rest and recreation.

Mambo Beach in Curacao, The Caribbean Island That Has It All
In case you forget where you are….

However, I’m sure I would have also liked it if it hadn’t been in the farther vicinity. Of the organized club-like beaches, Mambo is the most casual and easygoing one. Yes, there are palapas, beach beds, bars, and even many small shops alongside the promenade. And still, Mambo has a very relaxed ambiance to it.

Mambo Beach in Curacao, The Caribbean Island That Has It All
Cool waters.

The water is clear with a shallow part followed by a deep one which makes swimming and snorkeling more fun. You can swim to the barrier made from rocks that protects the swimming area against the waves from the open sea. There, you can hang out laying on the rocks, watching the waves splash in.

Seeking Leisure

The only time it gets more crowded and noisy is when the cruise passengers flock in on their shore excursion. But their brouhaha mostly lasts a couple of hours and then they are gone and Mambo returns to its leisurely vibe.

Mambo Beach
They really make an effort to give Mambo Beach a cool and laid-back appearance.

Since Mambo Beach is on private property, it opens only at 9 a. m. and you have to pay an entrance fee of 3.50 US$. If you don’t want to lay on your towel in the sand, you have to fork out another 5 US$ for a beach bed that you then can use the entire day. Mind you, there are various price categories at the different bars.

Snacks and drinks can be enjoyed either at the bars and restaurants or you order them straight to your beach chair. They have reasonably priced drinks and a small selection of snacks.

Mambo Beach in Curacao
…and the sun sets after a long day of joy on Mambo Beach.

How To Get There

From the main bus station in Punda, you can get to Mambo Beach by bus #1, #6, and every couple of minutes by one of the privately run minibuses.


Although Playa Lagun has the big advantage of being a public beach with very little commercialized infrastructure, I still didn’t love it that much.

Playa Lagun
Playa Lagun is actually in a very idyllic and tranquil bay.

It is a good size – cozy yet not too small – and you can either spread out your towel in the shade of a palapa or a tree or you can rent a beach chair for as little as 3.50 US$. You either bring snacks and drinks with you or enjoy refreshments from one of the surrounding fish restaurants. As a matter of fact, the ticket that you get for paying for your chair is a voucher for a soft drink at one of the restaurants.

While you don’t have to pay an entrance fee, you have to pay 1 US$ to use the bathroom or the shower which is a bit exaggerated.

Fisherman in Playa Lagun cleaning his catch.
Fishermen cleaning and preparing their catch for sale.

In the Caribbean heat, I can only eat breakfast and then again an early dinner. I never get lunch or larger snacks. But as I saw how fishermen cleaned and prepared fish they just brought in from the sea, I regretted not being hungry at noon since I doubted that I could get a nice fish meal any fresher than there.

Since Playa Lagun is flanked by coral rocks, snorkeling here is great. You don’t have to swim far to see swarms of different colorful fishes.

Clean It Up

So why didn’t I like Playa Lagun? The question is easily answered: It’s very dirty. The sand looks dirty and is littered with cigarette butts, bottle caps, even pieces of glass, and other trash mindless people left behind. Actually, no matter how much I love these public beaches, they are far dirtier than the privately organized ones.

So yes, if Playa Lagun was as clean as Kenepa Grandi or Playa Kalkí, I would like it much better.

How To Get There

You can reach Playa Lagun as easily as Kenepa Grandi by bus #3C from the main bus station in Otrabanda. Since the bus goes every two hours, it is even possible to visit both beaches in one single day.

Playa Piskadó And Playa Kalkí

Playa Kalkí is probably the northernmost freely accessible beach and therefore not as crowded as many of the other bays. Since it’s equally beautiful, it is actually my very favorite beach in Curaçao.

Playa Kalki on Curacao
Playa Piskadó.

But let’s start at the beginning: Right below the bus stop at the Catholic Church of Westpunt which is Curaçao’s westernmost settlement, obviously, you’ll descend to the famous Playa Piskadó aka Playa Grandi. The beach as such is not very nice and quite dirty. However, there are tons of turtles in the water which is just amazing.

Turtle at Playa Piskado in Westpunt in Curacao The Caribbean Island That Has It All
There is not one turtle in Playa Piskadó,….

Unfortunately, there are at least as many snorkelers since it’s a popular stop for many island tours, but never mind. Don’t kid yourself, those many turtles do not just hang out there because they have nothing better to do. Whereby, they are turtles, so what errand could they possibly have to run?

Turtles at Playa Piskado in Westpunt in Curacao The Caribbean Island That Has It All
….there aren’t two,….

Anyway, there is a fisherman sitting on the dock, feeding the turtles fish offals. That’s the reason they keep swimming around despite the many tourists bobbing in their way. Even from the dock, they are a truly fascinating sight as you can see in my pictures.

Turtles at Playa Piskado in Westpunt in Curacao The Caribbean Island That Has It All
….there are swarms of them.

However, since there were so many people in the water, I refrained from getting in. I took pictures from the dock and then hit the road to far more beautiful and tranquil Playa Kalkí.

A Long And Winding Road

I won’t lie to you: In the noonish heat, my 20-minute walk between the beaches felt like crossing the desert. The road is long and winding and around noon, there is no shade whatsoever.

But after twenty minutes, as I reached the beautiful secluded beach, the cool turquoise waters washed off my sweat and made me forget my distress on the hot road.

Playa Kalki
Playa Kalkí, a beach fit for a rum commercial.

Although there is a dive shop and a restaurant renting out beach beds, they leave enough room for those who just want to stretch out on their towel. The beach is by no means stuffed, it pleasantly lacks the commercialized rush. You can hang out or go snorkeling – no loud music, no sixpack-ordering day trippers. Just peace and quiet.

Food truck at Playa Kalki
If you get hungry, you can always grab a snack from the food truck in Playa Kalkí’s parking lot.

After a couple of hours resting’n’reading at Playa Kalkí, my decision stands: This is my favorite beach in all of Curaçao!

How To Get There

To get to Playa Piskadó, take bus #9 at the main bus station in Otrabanda and get off at the final stop which is the Church at Westpunt. To continue from Playa Piskadó to Playa Kalkí, just follow the signs – or the map at the end of this post.

Lunch at Jaanchi’s

The reason I didn’t stay until the last bus on Plays Kalkí was Jaanchi’s. It’s a local restaurant located between the two beaches serving lovely local delicacies.

Food at Jaanchie's in Westpunt in Curacao, The Caribbean Island That Has It All
Yes, this is the whole meal – with a scoop of rice as small as the ice cream I got for dessert.

They have a fixed menu and every dish costs 20 US$: Whether you choose chicken, goat, or shrimp. Also, all drinks set you back a fiver. I like the concept since it makes you choose more freely without considering your budget. Whatever you eat is for 20 and each drink for 5. Square and fair.

A glass of oregano juice
This tropical oregano juice, however, was worth every cent.

However, I must say that while the quality is okay, the quantity of the food isn’t worth the 20 bucks. Normally, meals in the Caribbean are huge. If I had the choice I always ordered just a small portion and I never went home hungry. At Jaanchi’s, the whole meal was the size of a starter.

One For the Money, Two For the Show

But then you have the whole show that Jaanchi himself sits at your table while taking your order, pretending to order from the kitchen something very special extra for you. He’s fun and charming and accommodates you like his long-lost friend.

Bananaquits feasting at sugar
Bananaquits feasting at sugar supplied by Jaanchie. They dine al fresco in the small yard surrounding the restaurant.

There is no glass in the windows so what seems to be a thousand birds are flying from branch to branch and sometimes from branch to chair or table. While they are snacking from the sugar Jaanchi put outside for them – and sometimes from the leftovers parting guests left on their plates – they are making a deafening noise. Everything feels cozy and tropical and a bit magic. After you’ve finished your meal – which is not very challenging as I pointed out above – Jaanchi surprises you with a scoop of ice cream. And although you’ve read about this surprise on TripAdvisor, you are still surprised in a way.

Venezuelan troupial at Jaanchie's restaurant in Curacao, The Caribbean Island That Has It All
Yes, I’m looking at you looking at me, thinks this Venezuelan troupial which is about to clean off the leftovers of some parting guests.

So what now – is a meal at Jaanchi’s worth the 20 bucks? I don’t think so.
Is it still worth going there for the show? I’d argue it is.

Jaanchi’s is in Westpunt on the main road across from the corner of Westpunt G street. It is open daily from noon to 5 p.m.

How To Get There

As Jaanchi’s is just a short walk from the final stop of bus #9 at the Church in Westpunt, you can easily get there from the main bus station in Otrabanda.

Day Trip to Klein Curaçao

So you’ve visited a handful of mesmerizing beaches in Curaçao and you think you’ve seen it all? No offense, but you are so wrong!
One of the most excellent activities when in Curaçao is leaving the island; to get to its little sister in the east. She’s called Klein Curaçao, which cleverly translates to Little Curaçao, and she awaits you with pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and amazing sceneries.
Sounds like such a cliche? I’m sorry, I have no other words that would do this little piece of Caribbean paradise justice.

View of Klein Curacao
Take a close look: You can actually not only see the western coast but also the eastern shore.

But if this is too perfect for you, I’m well-prepared to teach you about Klein Curaçao’s sinister history.

Not Pretty

As I’ve mentioned above, the Dutch West India Company was engaged in slave trafficking in the 17th and 18th centuries. In what I’m hesitant to call the heyday between 1640 and 1740, more than 300 ships with up to 600 slaves on board sailed from the African west coast to the Caribbean. Obviously, an outbreak of diseases was not uncommon on ships with a human freight of hundreds of people living under catastrophic hygienic conditions.

Lighthouse in Klein Curacao
The old lighthouse is Klein Curaçao’s most famous landmark.

Since sick slaves could not be sold and also in order to stop the spread of diseases, sick people were dropped off on Klein Curaçao. Actually, the ruins of the building that once housed the sick can still be found in the northwest of the isle. Those who died either during the crossing or during their quarantine were buried right there. Their tombs are still on the south side of the island.

Shipwreck off the coast of Klein Curacao
Those guys were not so lucky with their captain.

Also, storms on the windward side of the island caused naval accidents. The most famous wreck is the Maria Bianca Guidesman, a tanker that ran aground in 1988.

To avoid further accidents, a lighthouse was built in 1850. The only person who ever lived on the island of Klein Curaçao was the lighthouse keepers. Howsoever, today the lighthouse is equipped with a solar-powered LED light so that there are no permanent residents.

Lovely Day Out

Yet, although there are no residents, Klein Curaçao gets lots of people every day as tourists take excursions to this lovely islet. Ferries are making it from the main island in about two hours. Although with over a hundred bucks, this day trip is not exactly a bargain, visiting Klein Curaçao was actually one of the nicest activities during my stay.

Now look, Klein Curaçao does have residents!

Klein Curaçao is located in the middle of the Caribbean and on clear days, you can actually spot the coast of Bonaire in the northeast. The islet is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. Together with some impressive shipwrecks, those make the perfect snorkeling and diving spots. Also, fans of so-called lost places will find quite a bit to explore as I explained above.

Water around Klein Curacao
Perfect snorkeling grounds.

I went to Klein Curaçao one sunny Sunday morning and I chose Miss Ann Boat Trips* to take me there. It can be a challenge to go on a ferry in the early morning, but the crew being so accommodating and fun made it all so easy and relaxed.

Get Busy

Yes, at 130 US$ per person, the trip is not exactly cheap, but there is a lot included. Starting with a big breakfast as soon as you get ashore. Then you have enough time to explore the isle, enjoy the underwater world, or just rest on the beach. Miss Ann Boat Trips owns actually a very cool thatched beach house on the island including a bar and facilities such as bathrooms and a freshwater shower. Mind you, they even bring sweet water with them all the way from Curaçao!

Crew of Miss Ann Boat Trips on Klein Curacao
The crew makes sure that your trip is an unforgettable experience.

After a huge lunch, you can join a so-called snorkeling safari. While one of the guys feeds the fishes, they swim around you in a frenzy – it’s like an underwater movie in 3D and truly a great experience.

Water around Klein Curacao
Can it get any dreamier?

The ferry then brings you safely back around 5 p.m. As a last highlight, they offer a complimentary rum punch, hence, it’s a good idea to leave your car at your accommodation and come to the pier at the Santa Barbara estate on an organized tour.

For more info and to book your tour, go to Miss Ann Boat Trips* Search FlightsImage

What To Pack For a Beach Day

If you stay at a beach hotel, you can simply walk from your room to your sun bed in a swimsuit, a book, and a cocktail in hand. In that case, kudos – and you won’t need this checklist. If however, you intend to spend the day on a beach from where you cannot just go back to your room in case you forgot something, you should read this list thoroughly.

Putting it together, I had you beach walkers in mind. You folks who leave their accommodation in the morning, taking the bus to some remote place from where they come back only in the late afternoon. If you forget to take certain things with you, you won’t have them available during the entire day, it’s as simple as that.

Therefore, the below list contains not only quintessential items like your wallet and your reading glasses but also some gadgets that are not crucial but will make your day on the beach more comfortable and pleasant.

1. Wallet and Keys

Sometimes it’s the most evident stuff that we tend to forget. While you are focusing on your swim goggles, you realize that you left your wallet in the room only the moment you need it. Therefore, the most important item is your wallet with some cash, one credit card for emergencies, and some form of ID. I’m emphasizing taking only one credit card for security reasons. If you should lose your wallet or if it gets stolen, you’ll still have your other cards safely in your room. Also, I’m always taking my ID with me instead of my passport. Yes, losing it is annoying, however, it is not as serious as losing a passport.
Oh, and don’t forget to take your keys before you slam that door. I’m always having a noticeable lanyard with me that I attach to my holiday apartment key during my entire stay. Maybe this idea works for you, too.

2. Beach Tote Bag or Backpack

If you’re planning on spending the entire day on one beach, a tote bag might be the better choice since you don’t have to dig deep as you are searching for your stuff. However, if you want to visit various beaches in one day, it might be more comfortable to carry all your paraphernalia in a backpack.

3. Beach Towel and Possibly an Extra Towel

Obviously, you won’t be lying in the sand, hence, you need a beach towel. However, I like to have also a smaller towel with me just in case. Apart from serving its original purpose, it can also be folded or rolled into a small pillow.

4. Parasol or Beachtent

I hate it when on a beach, there is no spot in a shady place. I immediately fear dying from heat stroke. And while not everyone is a hypochondriac like me, it’s really not healthy and also simply unpleasant to fry in the noonish heat.

Fortunately, you’ll find a tree or even just some bushes on basically every beach that I’ve introduced in this post. However, if you want to secure your shady spot and don’t want to depend on the position of some tree, bring a parasol or one of those beach tents with you. Actually, they are not that bulky and heavy and they will make your beach day so much more enjoyable.

5. Swim Suit and a Spare

When I’m planning on spending the day on the beach, I put on my swimsuit underneath my clothes. If you do that, too, don’t forget to pack either some underwear or simply a second bikini so you can change and don’t have to spend the day in wet swimming clothes after a refreshing dip.

6. Sun Shades and Possibly Reading Glasses

In the bright sunlight on a white beach, sunshades are not a fashionable accessory but an indispensable necessity.
If you need reading glasses, you probably have also sunshades with the visual acuity you need. If not, don’t forget your regular glasses since you don’t want to schlepp that big novel in vain.

7. Sun Hat or Shawl

Just like you don’t need shades just to be trendy, a sun hat is not only a fashion statement. Especially if you’re planning on walking down a beach for a while, not covering your head can become truly dangerous. To cover also your neck, a light scarf or shawl that you wrap around your head and neck can be a very chic alternative. Either way, make sure to cover your head when you are exposed to the sun.

8. Swim Gear, Goggles, or Snorkeling Mask

So now we finally leave the necessity department and we’re moving to the fun section. Goggles or even a mask will allow you to experience the underwater world in shallow bays.

9. Swim Shoes

While the water of the Caribbean is incredibly translucent, the ground can be nasty. Not only are there pebbles that are not pleasant to walk upon. Oftentimes, there are rocks and corals with slippery surfaces and sharp edges. That’s a terrible combination and I definitely recommend wearing swim shoes with a good grip.

My Tip: Don’t waste little money on those low-quality shoes that you can buy at drugstores or souvenir shops. Go for good quality and buy your shoes at a professional diving store. They might cost triple what you’d pay for the cheap ones, but only high-quality shoes will really protect your feet. Also, swim shoes are great for walking on hot sand in the noonish heat.

10. Change of Clothes

I already reminded you to take a change of underwear or a spare swimsuit with you. In addition, I like to pack a spare T-shirt and even light trunks just in case I get wet or spill something on myself. Remember, you are planning for a long and hopefully a bit adventurous day, hence, expect the unexpected.

11. Book

Forgetting your book won’t definitely ruin your day trip. However, it’s annoying to find yourself on a beach where you could comfortably enjoy a good read only to realize that you’ve left it behind.

12. Mobile Phone with Head Phones

Your mobile phone is definitely something you should have on you at all times. You can quickly snap some pictures of great scenery, listen to your favorite playlist – and call for help. Although I hope the latter will never be necessary, I know from my own experience that your phone should be ready to save you at any time.

Now, the headphones. I know that there are people who hold extensive conversations on speakerphone in public places. Or who watch movies or listen to music as if the world was theirs alone. I hate that. So if you are not all by yourself in a secluded, please, use headphones.

13. Storage For Valuables

A gadget that helps to protect your valuables is probably far more important for solo travellers like me. But also couples or even groups of friends might want to frolic carelessly in cool waters without getting robbed.

There are various kinds of pouches that store your money, credit card, ID, phone, and the like. As those containers are waterproof, you can have all your valuables on you even in the water. I’m personally not a big fan since I simply don’t feel comfortable carrying all that stuff with me while swimming or snorkeling. Also, one of my most valuable items is a camera that doesn’t fit in any of those containers.

Therefore, I’m using a mobile safe. That’s a bag reinforced with a metal web that cannot be cut open. Also, it is secured with an iron string and a padlock. The downside is that you need a big tree branch, a post, or the like to attach the safe firmly. For instance, the post of a wooden beach umbrella is ideal. At the end of the day, you need to protect your valuables against a petty quick’n’dirty theft, not armed robbery.

Lock tote on Klein Bonaire
You can lock your tote to anything fast – for instance, a big branch.

14. Inflatable Pillow

And once again I’m drifting from something really important, namely the safety of your belongings, to a rather random gadget that simply should increase your comfort. You’ll probably have one of those inflatable neck pillows for your air travel, anyway. So why not use it on the beach: Whether you want to take a nap or just read lying comfortably on your back – an inflatable pillow will support your head and neck.

15. Snacks

Especially if you’re a fan of rather secluded beaches chances are that you won’t be able to purchase any kind of snack during the day. Fortunately, Greece is one of the countries where bakeries are selling all kinds of hearty and sweet baked goods. In addition, I like to take some hard fruits or vegetables like apples, cucumbers, and carrots with me to the beach. These snacks are simply more refreshing.

16. Water And Possibly some Juice or Soda

While having something to munch on is good but not necessarily vital, having enough liquids to replenish definitely is. For a beach day, that should be at least a bottle of 1.5 liters.

But what good does it do to have something with you that you don’t like to drink? After a while, I tend to get tired of drinking plain water. Therefore, I also take a small bottle of juice or even a soda like Coke or 7Up with me- just to mix things up a bit and ensure that I drink enough over the day.

What Do You Have to Add?

I would love to know you but obviously, I don’t.
Therefore, I might have missed listing something that you urgently need to enjoy a careless day on the beach.
What is it?
I’d be pleased if you shared it with me and the other readers in the comment section below!

Well-Organized Activities

Obviously, this post is made to show you how easy and comfortable exploring Curaçao’s beaches by public bus can be. However, if you want to explore the shores from the water or spend a day on Klein Curaçao, that’s a whole different story and you’ll need an experienced and reliable tour operator. Also, especially for solo travellers, joining a group on a day trip can be a nice change and a great opportunity to meet like-minded fellow travellers.

Therefore, here are some suggestions for what to do when visiting Curaçao. Especially during high season, pre-booking online will guarantee your place at the activity of your choice*:

Although Curaçao’s beaches are just fantastic, they are not the only attraction the island has to offer. In my comprehensive guide CURACAO – The Caribbean Island That Has It All, I’m introducing all the island’s amazing places and fun activities!


This map should help you to find the most beautiful beaches of Curaçao that I’m introducing in this post. Clicking on the slider symbol at the top left or the full-screen icon at the top right will display the whole map including the legend.

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* I am very appreciative that Bright8 PR together with Curaçao Tourist Board organized a guided walking tour for me and let me participate in a day trip to Klein Curaçao with Miss Ann Boat Trips.
Nevertheless, the description of these activities and all opinions on the services are mine and were in no way influenced by my cooperation partners.

* This is an affiliate link. Hence, If you book through this page, not only do you get the best deal. I also get a small commission that helps me run this blog. Thank you so much for supporting me!

4 Replies to “The Best Beaches in Curacao You Can Easily Visit by Public Bus”

  1. Your post reminds me that we really do need to plan to re-visit Curacao and explore more of the great beaches. And always good to know how easy it is to visit them by public transit. I like the idea that most of the beaches have some infrastructure to provide shade on the sandy beaches. We sure would not want to miss the most beautiful beach at Playa Kenepa. But I will definitely be checking out the cruise ship schedules before I pick a beach day.

  2. Very useful post! Like you, we do not like renting a car in many countries and we prefer to get around by public transport. It is less stress and I always feel that taking the bus adds to the experience. Good to know that there are buses that bring you to the beach in Curacao. Some of the beaches look spectacular! And I really have to get one of these mobile safes!

    1. Yes, although it can be a bit complicated sometimes, I actually enjoy taking public transport as it is such an immersive experience.

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