24 hours in PARIS

Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport is the third-busiest hub in Europe after London and Istanbul. Therefore, chances are that you have a connection that you probably don’t want to spend sitting on an uncomfortable metal chair munching on overpriced sandwiches. And this is exactly where this post comes to the rescue: It is designed to transform a dull layover into a short, meticulously planned extra vacation of up to 24 hours in Paris.

Eiffel Tower seen from Trocadero. 24 hours in Paris
Trocadéro is the ideal spot to get grand views of the Eiffel Tower.

Now, you might think that 24 hours are far too little to explore the so-called city of lights. Of course, you are absolutely right, but this applies to almost every popular stopover destination. However, if you follow my itineraries, you’ll be surprised how much you get to see and experience of the proverbial savoir vivre.

However, if you have more time to spare in the city, good for you! In my comprehensive post PARIS Museum Pass: Skip the Lines And See It All For Less, you’ll find tons of places and activities to choose from.

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LONDON – Off the Beaten Path

Yes, London is packed with iconic landmarks that every first-time visitor should see. But what if this is not your first visit to London or you simply want to add some unusual and quirky – in short: very British – spots to your itinerary? Fear you not, after many visits to London – and with a little help from a local – I put together the most intriguing, interesting, and idiosyncratic places off the beaten path.

Street in the center of London.
There’s a lot going on in the streets of London, hence, it’s not always easy to find your way off the beaten path. Yet, this is what this post is for.
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24 hours in LONDON

In this post, you’ll find excellent itineraries that will miraculously transform an annoying layover at one of the six London airports into a brief extra vacation of up to 24 hours. However, since my itinerary is so inspiring and fun, make sure you don’t miss your connecting flight!

Phone booths in London
Gone are the days when people had to stand in the iconic red phone booths. Yet, they remained one of London’s many trademarks.
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24 hours in FRANKFURT

Germany’s busiest international airport is located just minutes from the city of Frankfurt on the Main. This might give travellers the opportunity to explore this often underrated city on a layover. In this post, I’ve put together a perfect itinerary for up to 24 hours which will enable them to make the best of their stay in Frankfurt.

View of the Main River at Frankfurt
Just see for yourself how idyllic Frankfurt can be!

This special category on my blog is designated to transform any kind of a layover into a short extra vacation.

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24 hours in COPENHAGEN

Copenhagen is a fascinating mix of romantic castles and quirky neighborhoods, the world’s oldest amusement park, and exciting contemporary art. Furthermore, Copenhagen is said to be the happiest city in the world. And finally, it is a gateway not only for travellers going to various places in Scandinavia: When SAS has one of its incredible offers, Copenhagen can also be a major hub for those travelling between continents. No matter for what reason you have a layover in Copenhagen, with my itinerary for a stay of up to 24 hours, you’ll enjoy some of the city’s best sides’n’sights.

Rosenborg Castle visited during 24 hours in Copenhagen
In Copenhagen, it’s very easy to combine culture with leisure.
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24 hours in AMSTERDAM

My category 24 hours in… is designed to transform a stay like a layover into a short extra vacation. You’ll see that my itineraries are so attractive and fun that you might postpone your connecting flight just to enjoy the full 24 hours in Amsterdam.

View of the Basilica of Saint Nicholas across the Oudezijds Voorburgwal.
View of the Basilica of Saint Nicholas across the Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

If you have more time to spare in the city, good for you! In my comprehensive post Four Days in Amsterdam, you’ll find tons of places and activities to choose from – the must-sees as well as some hidden gems.

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How to Visit the NordArt in 2023

The older I get, the faster time seems to go by. The advantage of time just flying by, however, is the fast return of annual events such as the wonderful art fair NordArt. Every year, this fantastic art event transforms the northern German provincial town of Büdelsdorf for a couple of months into a vibrant and exciting international art mecca. So come on, join me on my train ride into the boonies, and let me show you how to visit NordArt 2023.

Heads are rolling, literally, at the first, pebble-covered exhibition hall.
Spanish artist Samuel Salcedo casted them from iron and aluminum.
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Weekend in FRANKFURT – 25 Best Things To Do

One of Germany’s most misconceived cities is certainly Frankfurt on the river Main. Derogatorily nicknamed Mainhattan, it is mainly recognized as Germany’s financial hub, hence, economically relevant but otherwise absolutely neglectable. Well, since this vibrant metropole is one of my favorite German weekend trip destinations, in this post, I’m introducing you to the 25 best things you should by no means miss on your visit to Frankfurt. Also, they’ll prove that the city is absolutely worth a trip!

View of Frankfurt from the Eiserne Brücke. Weekend Frankfurt 25 best things
View across the love locks on the Eiserne Brücke of what Frankfurt is all about: A bold mix of ancient history and powerful bank buildings.
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Best Things to Do in CRETE in One Week

Picturesque villages, exceptional beaches, enchanting gorges below rugged mountains – in this guide, I’m sharing with you the best things to do and the nicest places to see in Crete in one week.

The Venetian Port of Chania in Crete.
The waters, the mountains, the rich history – Crete has it all in abundance.

So pack your swimsuit as well as your hiking boots and follow me to Greece’s largest and arguably most amazing island.

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