Best And Most Beautiful Bookstores in Seoul

If every country was like Korea, amazon, kindle, and co. wouldn’t stand a chance: The number of bookstores and public libraries is just incredible – almost like in ye olden days of literature. There are actually entire streets lined with good old-fashioned stores where you can smell the scent of freshly printed pages, hear the rustling of paper, see beautifully designed covers – in short: A feast for all your senses. The shop owners have tried to give their stores an individual touch and arrange and present the books like works of art. Cozy reading corners and integrated coffee shops invite you to browse on-site and make Seoul’s bookstores and libraries wonderful places to spend a rainy afternoon.
In this post, I’m introducing my personal favorites among the best and most beautiful bookstores in Seoul.

Renata Green at the Seoul Book Bogo, one of the best and most beautiful bookstores in Seoul.
Mesmerized by a tunnel of books.
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Best Things to Do in SEOUL: The Must-Dos And the Hidden Gems

No matter if you stay two days in Seoul or two weeks: This exciting city has so much to offer that basically any stay will be far too short. However, to ensure that you get to see not only the most significant must-dos but also some of the countless hidden gems in Seoul, I clustered this guide according to eight very different neighborhoods. This way, you save on commuting and can invest all your precious time in the best things to do in Seoul.

Change of the guards at the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.
Despite Korea’s booming economy and industrialization, there is still a lot of culture and heritage to indulge in.
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