PARIS for Free!

In my last post on Paris, I introduced the Paris Museum Pass* which makes every culture vulture’s stay in the self-proclaimed city of light smoother and, most importantly, far cheaper.
While that’s already pretty great, it actually gets even better: There are tons of fantastic things to see in Paris for free! Whether inspiring museums, amazing views, lush parks and gardens – the old saying that the best things in life Paris are free is absolutely right!
So leave your wallet at home and let’s explore Paris completely free of charge.

Eiffel Tower and a Carousel in Paris. Paris for free.
You can make Paris your playground without breaking the bank.
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10 Most Beautiful Palaces in the Marais Neighborhood of Paris

The Marais is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Paris. Cool bars and crowded restaurants, hip stores, and expensive, stylish apartments – these are just a few things you can find in the Marais neighborhood today.
In the 17th century, the Marais became the preferred residential area for the nobility, who had numerous villas and city palaces built there. In the course of the French Revolution, however, the nobility was expelled from the Marais. They probably took their belongings with them, however, they had to leave their posh cribs behind.
In this post, I’m inviting you on a stroll that will take us to 10 of the most beautiful palaces in the Marais Neighborhood of Paris.

Hôtel de Sully, one of the 10 Most Beautiful Palaces in the Marais Neighborhood of Paris
The manicured courtyard of the Hôtel de Sully.
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Best Street Art in PARIS: How Mehdi Ben Cheikh Transformed the 13th Arrondissement Into An Open-Air Gallery

Yes, there is the Eiffel Tower. D’accord, you need to pay the Louvre a visit. Okay, let’s go on a walk alongside the River Seine. But besides all this, make sure to pay also some of the lesser-known and underrated arrondissements a visit. Because it’s right there where the best street art in Paris is waiting for you!

Mural by Pejac - the best street art in Paris.
If you cannot see right away why this mural by Pejac is simply genius, you need to take a closer look. Or check out the zoom below.

Under the aegis of Parisian art dealer and cultural entrepreneur Mehdi Ben Cheikh, the 13e arrondissement in particular has undergone an impressive revival from an a bit run-down part of the city into an open-air gallery.

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PARIS Museum Pass: Skip the Lines And See It All For Less

You’ve been to the Eiffel Tower, you’ve seen Sacre Coeur and sailed on the river Seine? Great, after you’ve checked the most important tourist sites off your list, you, my fellow culture vultures, can focus on Paris’ amazing museums.
Actually, it’s mainly the city’s museums and monuments that make me come back to Paris again and again.
Therefore, in this post, I’m introducing the key that allows me to skip the lines and quickly opens the doors to the best venues: It’s the Paris Museum Pass that grants access to no less than 50 museums and monuments at a very reasonable flat rate.

A visit to the observation deck of the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile is included in the Paris Museum Pass as well. Paris Museum Pass Skip Lines
A visit to the observation deck of the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile is included in the Paris Museum Pass as well.

Isn’t that far too much, you might ask. Well, you probably won’t visit all of them in one go.
Nevertheless, since with the Paris Museum Pass*, you don’t have to wait in the long lines that often form at the entrance doors, you’ll get to see more than you’ve ever expected.

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