Comprehensive Guide to HAMBURG, the “Gateway to the World”

(Updated January 2020)

Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city, prides itself to be the “most beautiful city in the world”. While this, of course, is just a highly exaggerated catchphrase, it actually is alluring with views that make you yearn for undiscovered shores – Germans call it ‘Fernweh’ (loosely ‘aching for distance’) – lots of maritime charm and its historic openness to the world. This Comprehensive Guide to Hamburg will take you to the city’s most beautiful corners.

Sailors at the Port of Hamburg, illustrating a Comprehensive Guide to Hamburg
For ages, sailors from all over the world anchored at the Port of Hamburg.

Hence the other slogan – “gateway to the world” – takes it already much closer to its real assets.
Whereby the city owes this description rather to the fact that Hamburg is Europe’s third-largest industrial port and has connected it with the rest of the world over centuries.

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