How to Visit the NordArt in 2022

In this post, I’m telling you how to visit the NordArt 2022, an international art event taking place in Büdelsdorf. Büdels…what? I knew you’d need more information and possibly a guide.

Ode to Art by Liu Ruowang at the NordArt 2022
Ode to Art by Chinese superstar Liu Ruowang. I’ve introduced him on the blog before – for instance in my post on Florence where his cast iron wolves were roaming the city.

Although the NordArt is an international art show that takes place every year, it’s by far not as important as the Documenta in Kassel let alone the Bienniale di Arte in Venice. However, it is installed in an intriguing setting, a wonderful day trip away from Hamburg or Berlin, and therefore totally worth the visit.


Well, this will be a very short chapter – although I assume apart from the around 10,000 Büdelsdorfers, everyone else will need some context. As a matter of fact, Büdelsdorf is a townlet on the outskirts of Rendsburg which isn’t exactly a bright lights big city place, either.

Houses in Rendsburg
Traditional nordic architecture in Rendsburg.

The town of Rendsburg is located in Germany’s Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein basically on the route from Hamburg to Denmark. In the old town, you still find traces of the city’s historical function as the southern border fortress of the Danish Empire. Büdelsdorf is located north of Rendsburg and can actually be reached by walking.

Art Machine in Rendsburg
Walking from Rendsburg’s train station to the venue, you discover the first amazing cultural projects: What an intriguing idea to buy art from a vending machine.

In 1827, the iron foundry Carlshütte was founded in Büdelsdorf. At that time, it was the first industrial company on the Jutland peninsula. This peninsula, by the way, consists of the continental part of Denmark, most of the German Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein, and a part of Hamburg.

Alexander Taratynov Night Watch at the Nordart 2022
Now there is space for monumental art like the cast-iron copy of Rembrandt’s Night Watch by Alexander Taratynov.

In 1850, the foundry had almost 500 employees, by 1965 over 2500. Obviously, the Carlshütte dominated the region’s economy for a very long time. Nevertheless, they filed for bankruptcy in 1997 and closed the plant down.


So now you can guess why Büdelsdorf of all places got a venue where one of Europe’s most important art shows takes place every year. As the iron foundry closed in 1997, Hans-Julius Ahlmann, Managing Partner of the internationally active ACO Group, took over the grounds with its enormous industrial halls and historic housing. Since then, it’s been used for various cultural projects.

Streetsign advertising the NordArt 2022
Büdelsdorf this way.

Today, the Carlshütte is not only an impressive industrial monument. It also offers an unusual setting for cultural events of all kinds.

The large entrance hall of the main venue of the NordArt 2022.
The large entrance hall of the main venue.

There are three exhibition spaces on the grounds: The former factory building, the old carriage shed, and the spacious park.

Renata Green in a work by Alexander Taratynov at the NordArt 2022 by
Alexander Taratynov named his work Painter and the Unknown (after Ivan Kramskoi) – what you mean The Unknown?! It’s me!

The first NordArt took place back in 1999. Over the years, most of the statues and installations in the sculpture park remained in their places. That’s understandable since they are mostly made of iron, stone, and marble. Hence, they are a bit heavy to be shuffled around on the garden’s 80,000 square meters too often.

YU by Bratislav Radovanovic
YU by Bratislav Radovanovic from Serbia.

The exhibition at the coach house and the industrial hall, however, is presenting an interesting selection of different contemporary artists every year. This year, 200 artists from all over the world were chosen by a jury to participate. Yet, this is just a fraction of the about 3,000 applicants.

Painting by Samad Ghorbanzadeh at the NordArt 2022
Photo from the series Deer Dream by Samad Ghorbanzadeh from Iran.

Although you mostly don’t find the big, important names here, you’ll get to see fresh, inspiring art from all over the world. Also, at the opening, with free entrance for everybody, you get to meet many of the artists in person.

Special Features

Apart from the general curated exhibition, there are some featured extras: Every year, one particular country is the main focus and exhibits a choice of contemporary art. This tradition started ten years ago when contemporary art from China was the main focus of the NordArt 2012. Since then, very different countries such as Denmark, France, Mongolia, and Ukraine had the opportunity to put together a collection for their so-called country pavilion.

Above Borders – Ponad granicami

In 2022, Poland has organized the special exhibition Above Borders / Ponad granicami. 26 rather nationally renowned artists were given the chance to introduce their work to the visitors.

The red beach by Robert Bluj at the NordArt 2022
The Red Beach by Robert Bluj.

Interestingly, you’ll find older, established artists as well as newcomers among them.

Fast Food by Michal Jackowski at the NordArt 2022
Fast Food by Michal Jackowski

Obviously, I cannot introduce all of them, hence, here are my three favorites.

Beach Scenes by Julita Malinowska at the NordArt 2022
A series of paintings by Julita Malinowska.

So Far – So Close

However, China is back, too. As a matter of fact, all those years that I have visited the NordArt, there was always a special focus on Chinese contemporary art.

Mr. Pinocchio by Liu Ruowang at the NordArt 2022
People in lockstep around Mr. Pinocchio by Liu Ruowang

This year, however, the featured exhibition So Far – So Close / 如天涯–若比邻 is celebrating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Germany.

HE Dan People Mountain People Sea at the NordArt 2022
People Mountain People Sea by HE Dan


The third special project in 2022 is called interstices / Завсар oрон зай and comes from Mongolia. Yes, Mongolia, as in tundral, yurt, and raw mare’s milk. Those were exactly the associations that came to my mind when Mongolia was promoted as a partner country in 2015.

Installation Let's Love, Let's Play by ODMAA Uranchimeg. In the backdrop the painting Mist by NYAM-OCHIR Oyunpurev.
Installation Let’s Love, Let’s Play by ODMAA Uranchimeg. In the backdrop the painting Mist by NYAM-OCHIR Oyunpurev.

What this Central Asian country had shown in its pavilion was quite far from exotic handcraft. We shouldn’t be narrow-minded and biased and give certain regions far more credit than we do most of the time. And I’m not talking about funds, I’m referring to an open mind.

Detail from SUKHBUREN Narankhuu Stone's disbelief in wind at the NordArt 2022
Detail from Stone’s disbelief in wind by SUKHBUREN Narankhuu

With this open mind, you can enter the former coach house which was remodeled into a gallery. There, Mongolia presents some of its promising contemporary artists.

Some Extra Tips

After having been to several NordArt editions, I’m happy to share some tips that will make your visit even more complete and enjoyable:

Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes

There are a couple of reasons why you should refrain from wearing fancy heels. Firstly, you’ll probably have to walk around 20 minutes from the train station in Rendsburg to the venue. Although there is a bus, it’s not going very often so you’ll actually save time if you walk.

Schloßplatz in Rendsburg
I guess this picture proves that wearing heels is inadequate.

Then, if you have time to explore the historic center of Rendsburg, you’ll have to walk on cobblestone. And finally, keep in mind that the venue is an old industrial building with time-worn floors.

Bring some picnic and water

This is actually optional since there is a small charming café on the premises. However, It won’t surprise you that they are not exactly cheap. As a matter of fact, the prices aren’t even the main reason for bringing at least water with you.

Cafeteria at the NordArt
Hidden behind all that grand art is the small Café.

The café is really very small and chances are that you won’t find a free spot to enjoy some refreshments. However, coming from Rendsburg, you’ll pass a supermarket where you can stock up on drinks’n’snacks.

Also, this year, they added a pop-up cafeteria.

Visit also the Cast Iron Art Museum

Across the street from the NordArt is the so-called Eisenkunstguss Museum, a museum showing a vast collection of cast iron works. After extensive remodeling, the museum was reopened in 2016. A media guide navigates visitors through the exhibition that has many interactive features as well as hands-on stations.

Crown Prince Christian VIII of Denmark and Caroline Amalie of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg, formed after busts by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen
Crown Prince Christian VIII of Denmark and Caroline Amalie of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg, formed after busts by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen.

A visit to this museum is particularly recommendable until the beginning of October since they have a fantastic special exhibition. Serbian sculptor Danijela Pivašević-Tenner made popular disposable products from ceramics and put them randomly between the objects on display. As randomly as we find this harmful waste anywhere. The titles of her work allude to the amount of waste: The PET bottles are titled One Million per Minute, the FFP2 masks Three Million per Minute, and the disposable cup series 320,000 per Hour. These numbers are absolutely shocking.

Cups and Mask by Danijela Pivašević-Tenner
Danijela Pivašević-Tenner gave her beautiful yet very disturbing series simple yet significant titles.

The Eisenkunstguss Museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday between noon and 5 p. m. You can visit it for free with your NordArt ticket. Otherwise, the general admission fee is 5 €uros.

Cup on the street
…and as I walked back to the train station, is spotted this cup. One of 320,000 per hour.

Make Time for a Stroll Through Rendsburg and the Sculpture Park

Rendsburg is not that big, yet, a stroll through the center is quite enjoyable.

Facade in Rendsburg.
After all that contemporary, now something really old.

You’ll get to see lots of traditional North German architecture and if you still have capacities to relish more art, they have a lovely park with some interesting sculptures from different art epochs.

Sculpture Park in Rendsburg
Rendsburg’s lush sculpture park. In the small pond a big fish.

If this post inspired you to look back at past NordArt events, here are my posts from 2017 and 2018.

Plan Your Visit

How to Get There

The most convenient way to get to Rendsburg is by train. You get there for instance from Hamburg in less than 90 minutes, from Lübeck in 2 hours, and from Berlin – via Hamburg – in about 3,5 hours. Then, it’s a 20 minute walk from the train station to the Kunstwerk Carlshütte.

Hamburg train station with regional trains taking you to the NordArt 2017 in Büdelsdorf.
Regional trains that you can ride all day long with just one single ticket.

Here’s a special tip for you Germany-travellers: For about 25 Euro you can travel an entire day by train within every federal state. However, you are only allowed to take regional trains, not IC or ICE. The best part is: each further person pays only 4 Euro, up to 5 persons can travel on one regional day ticket.

Due to its central position, Hamburg is automatically included in tickets for Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, and Lower Saxony which includes also Bremen.

Büdelsdorf is in Schleswig-Holstein, and the day ticket for one person is 28 Euro.

June to August 2022

Due to the high energy and fuel prices, the German government agreed on a relief package for all citizens. Among other measures, it includes a so-called 9 €uros ticket. With this ticket, you can travel throughout Germany for the entire month of June, July respectively August.

That’s absolutely amazing, however, there are some minor strings attached. The 9 €uros ticket is only valid within Germany and exclusively in local and regional means of transport. Hence, the Eurocity, Intercity, and Intercity Express trains are excluded. However, you can use regular buses, trams, subways, and suburban trains as well as regional express trains for one month for 9 €uros all over Germany. In Hamburg and Berlin, you can even take ferries.

While the 9 €uros ticket is valid throughout Germany, it is not linked to German citizenship. Therefore, foreign visitors to Germany can use the 9 €uros ticket, too. Keep in mind that children under the age of six travel for free, anyway.

Just for the record: There is also a Flixbus going to Rendsburg, however, it’s not a valid alternative. It takes as long as the train but is less comfortable and just a couple of €uros cheaper. Also, during the summer months, while there is this amazing 9 €uro offer, it’s totally not worth the hassle.

Still need more info? In my post All you need to know before going to GERMANY I’m answering all the questions you might have before and during your trip to Germany. This way, your stay will be smoother and more enjoyable.

Opening Hours And Tickets

In 2022, the NordArt takes place from June 4 till October 9. It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday between 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.

Ode to Art by Liu Ruowang at the NordArt 2022
A shoutout to great art!

The general admission costs 18.50 €uros, but there are discounts for students and families as well as season tickets so you better check out their website. There you can also buy your tickets online.


On this map, you get an idea of how to get to the NordArt and also of what else to see in Rendsburg. Clicking on the slider symbol at the top left or the full-screen icon at the top right will display the whole map including the legend.

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Disclaimer: NordArt granted me free entrance to write about this year’s edition. Howsoever, all opinions in this post are mine and were by no means influenced by my cooperation partner.

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  1. I passed the area, including Büdelsdorf, on a bike trip a few years ago. However I did not know about the Nordart exhibition. I love this kind of exhibitio concept: Not so well-known artists in a beautiful summer environment. I am already thinking how we can fit in a visit this summer.

  2. I am intrigued by so many of these art installations. Powerful and unique. I like how you stepped into the unknown piece. It made me chuckle.

  3. I have not visited too many cities north of Wuppertal and have always wanted to. This northern German town with its wonderful architecture caught my immediate attention. And, I would definitely want to time it to include a visit to NordArt as a day trip in Budelsdorf. I always enjoy art and cultural events when travelling it gives such great insight into the culture, and this one has so much to offer and such diverse and interesting pieces.

    1. That’s right. And what’s great about the NordArt is that it takes place for a couple of months so that everyone has the chance to visit.

  4. You always visit such interesting art events. It looks like it would be worth planning a visit to Hamburg or Berlin timed to visit NordArt as a day trip in Budelsdorf. I always love when art exhibits use the outdoors as a setting for interesting pieces. A great idea to bring a picnic and enjoy it with an artistic view.

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