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Why isn’t modern Turkish art more famous? The few times I spent in Turkey I saw outstanding, fresh and daring art – paintings, videos, and sculptures. Never heard of before.

“Visit the center of the world. You will find the secret stone there” by Caner Şengünalp. My favorite piece at the exhibition – probably because its centerpiece is a roof…

And I’m afraid that due to recent politics it’s not a prosperous time for contemporary Turkish artists to be introduced worldwide. While at least some people leave the beaten paths of Topkapı, Dolmabahçe & Co. to visit the Istanbul Modern, another treasure chest is still quite hidden: TheProje4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, founded by Can Elgiz in 2001.

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United Colors of Biennale

United Colors of Biennale – hard to believe that it’s been already one month ago that I’ve been to Venice on the occasion of the 57th Biennial.

Time passes so fast.

 One of John Waters' three boards why studying art.
One of John Waters‘ three boards why studying art.

But it’s a good moment to look back on this marvelous and inspiring visit and show you my favorite works.

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